Tim Cook

Apple to launch first online store in India next week

'The company can’t wait to connect with our customers and expand support in India,' Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a tweet. 

published on : 18th September 2020

George Floyd murder: Apple CEO Tim Cook commits USD 100 million to promote racial equality

Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier stressed that right now, there is a pain deeply etched in the soul of the nation and in the hearts of millions.

published on : 12th June 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio launches relief fund to feed poor amid coronavirus crisis

The 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' actor is joined by philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs and technology giant Apple in the hunger relief initiative.

published on : 3rd April 2020

Coronavirus: Apple to close all stores outside China until March 27

Cook said the firm had learned from steps taken in China, where the tech giant has just reopened its retail stores.

published on : 14th March 2020

Apple's online store to come to India this year, first retail store in 2021: Tim Cook

'I don't want somebody else to run the brand for us. We wouldn't be a very good partner in retail. We like to do things our way,' Tim said.

published on : 27th February 2020

Interview | What's cooking in Apple history? Leander Kahney paints a human picture of Tim Cook

Apple insider Leander Kahney paints a very human picture of Tim Cook, the man who might still be the next Steve Jobs

published on : 16th May 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls USD1 trillion value a 'milestone' but not a focus

Apple was founded in the late 1970s by Steve Jobs and went public in 1980 after helping usher in the era of the personal computer.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hits back against Apple's Tim Cook's criticism

Tim Cook has recently said that Apple executives have used privacy and transparency as a sales pitch, drawing a contrast with other companies especially Facebook.

published on : 3rd April 2018