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In Putin's land: Russian artist who swapped supermarket price tags with antiwar messages gets 7 years in prison in latest crackdown on free speech

Sasha Skochilenko was arrested in her native St. Petersburg in April 2022 and charged with spreading false information about the military.

published on : 17th November 2023

'Crushing free speech', claims Elon Musk over Trudeau govt's new norms for streaming services

Musk's remarks were in response to a Canadian government order that makes it compulsory for online streaming services to formally register with the government for 'regulatory controls'.

published on : 2nd October 2023

Scrutinise free speech cases more closely

It is high time that state government to train law enforcement personnel and judicial officers to scrutinise complaints impinging on free expression closely before taking up cases or making arrests.

published on : 7th August 2023

Bhubaneswar Diary: Free speech not for state Congress leaders

Leaders of political parties should lead from the front as only tall talk do not inspire confidence among the party’s rank and file.

published on : 17th July 2023

Quran burnings have Sweden torn between free speech and respecting minorities

The burning triggered widespread condemnation in the Islamic world. And along with similar recent protests by a far-right activist, it sparked a debate in Sweden about the limits of freedom of speech.

published on : 6th July 2023

Cybercrime police arrest TN BJP secretary S G Suryah

CPI(M) party accused him of tarnishing the image of CPI(M) MP Su Venkatesan on social media and sought action against SG Suryah.

published on : 17th June 2023

‘Public opinion in favour of repealing sedition law’ 

However, this consultation paper or its suggestions are not available on the current Law Commission’s website.

published on : 11th June 2023
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