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Decoding the budget with India's top businessmen | Kotak, TVS & Bajaj 

TNIE Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla speaks with Venu Srinivasan, CMD, TVS Motor Company, Uday Kotak, President, CII, Sanjiv Bajaj, Vice President, CII and Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII about the budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and whether it works for building India for the decade to come

published on : 8th February 2021

Expressions with Manish Tewari and Vinay Sahasrabuddhe | ‘Centre took everyone on board over Covid’

Their remarks came during a conversation on ‘Why is India divided against a lethal virus’ with Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director The New Indian Express, on TNIE’s Expressions.

published on : 14th June 2020

Sachin Pilot: Not enough was done by Delhi to help states fight Coronavirus

Thousands of migrant workers were forced to march back to their home states, hungry and thirsty in the summer, because of the sudden and unplanned lockdown, Rajasthan Congress chief and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said, with the Centre failing to anticipate the migration problem. His remarks came during a conversation with Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director, The New Indian Express, and author and senior journalist Kaveri Bamzai on TNIE’s Expressions, a series of live web casts with people who matter. “Lockdown was done to give time to enhance resources to meet the challenge. We didn’t use the time as best as we can to enhance number of beds in hospitals, increase number of doctors, more ventilators. We didn’t use it as much as we should to upgrade the capacity for testing, treatment. We didn’t really think about non-Covid patients (in the meanwhile),” he said. On the lessons for the Centre during the pandemic, Pilot said that labour migration is an area where thought was not put on numbers and how to handle.  “Leadership is all about anticipating and they (govt) failed to anticipate migration. If they would have thought, they would have found a solution. There is no pan-India labour migrant payment policy in the country. It creates confusion when there is no clarity from the top.” Regarding the Centre’s differential treatment to non-BJP ruled states, Pilot was of the view that settling score will be a very short sighted approach and not enough was done from the Centre. It should have been given some elbow space to states to fight Covid, he added. “It seems so. The states struggling most are both BJP and non-BJP ruled, but the amount of negative news that comes out from non-BJP states... There is a room for improvement for cooperative federalism. Discussions did not happen (with states) initially when the lockdown was announced. ...we are fighting together but there is ambiguity and there is no due meaningful consultation ... There should be transparency on how we are judging (lockdown and exit), our misses and accomplishment,” said the Congress leader.

published on : 28th May 2020

Sacchi Baat: Vitamin M needed to fight destruction unleashed by COVID-19

@Prabhu Chawla explains how giving money to poor and destitute people can help them stand on their feet at the time when the entire nation is under lockdown to fight against COVID-19.

published on : 17th April 2020

सच्ची बात with Prabhu Chawla: Who has set Delhi on fire?

Amidst Delhi Riots, Prabhu Chawla explains the situation.

published on : 26th February 2020

What does BJP's future look like?

Prabhu Chawla talks about BJP's future in India!

published on : 18th February 2020

Education, Meals and Health Checkups: What Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel is doing differently

In an exclusive interview with Prabhu Chawla, Bhupesh Baghel, CM of Chhattisgarh spoke about several schemes that he introduced for the betterment of the state.

published on : 9th January 2020

Is Citizenship Amendment Act meant to save Constitution or mere vote bank politics?

Prabhu Chawla explains the story behind all protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

published on : 18th December 2019

Q&A with Prabhu Chawla 26 | After twenty years: Why Kashmir continues to remain on the boil?

Kashmir, the land where Shammi Kapoor so famously romanced Sharmila Tagore, is still on the boil. Prabhu Chawla, who revisited Kashmir after 20 years, talks of why there is still tension here.

published on : 19th July 2019

Q&A with Prabhu Chawla 25: A five-point agenda for the new government

Prabhu Chawla talks about the challenges that lay ahead and five things that whoever forms the government at the end of the week will need to focus on to ensurIe the Indian voter hasn't voted in vain.

published on : 22nd May 2019

Why a Sadhvi Pragya? Why is Shatrugan Sinha now Congress' Patna'wale' Sahib?

If people are voting in the name of Modi, why can't the BJP field its own candidates? Why a tainted MP hopeful like Sadhvi Pragya instead? In Sacchi Baat, Prabhu Chawla on the defection games in India

published on : 20th April 2019

Q&A with Prabhu Chawla 24 | Lok Sabha Elections 2019: My abuse versus your abuse!

Abuse someone to be seen on TV.Abuse someone to draw the attention of your party. The demands on politicians this Lok Sabha elections season are ludicrous.Prabhu Chawla on what Modi and Gandhi must do

published on : 31st March 2019

Rahul Gandhi's NYAY scheme: Final assault on poverty or folly?

Will Rahul Gandhi's NYAY bring justice or will it just delivers an Rs 360000-crore hole in the economy? These and many other pressing questions with Prabhu Chawla.

published on : 26th March 2019

Q&A With Prabhu Chawla 21: Can the three wise men solve the Ayodhya dispute?

Can a former Supreme Court judge, a spiritual guru and an advocate, all from Tamil Nadu, resolve the 70-year-old Ayodhya dispute in just eight weeks? Prabhu Chawla offers his take

published on : 9th March 2019

Q&A with Prabhu Chawla 20 | Hit Pakistan cricket where it hurts!

No more cricket! It's time to turn off the money tap and teach Pakistan a lesson for instigating the Pulwama Terror Attack, says Prabhu Chawla

published on : 23rd February 2019
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