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A retro feel to US President Joe Biden's plan for covering OTC virus testing

Estimated prices for at-homes tests in the U.S. now range from about USD 15 to USD 30, compared to about USD 1 in Germany.

published on : 15th December 2021

Congress sends US President Joe Biden USD 2.5 trillion debt limit hike, avoiding default

Under the agreement, an amendment was made to an unrelated Medicare bill that passed last week with Republican votes.

published on : 15th December 2021

PM Modi bats for joint efforts to shape global norms for social media and cryptocurrencies

In a virtual address at the Summit for Democracy hosted by US President Joe Biden, PM Modi said India would be happy to share its expertise in holding free and fair elections.

published on : 10th December 2021

US averts government shutdown one day ahead of deadline

With the clock ticking down to the 11:59 pm Friday deadline, the Senate voted by 69 to 28 to keep the lights on until February 18 with a resolution that had already advanced from the House.

published on : 3rd December 2021

Xi's "good friend" Putin to attend Beijing Winter Olympics amid US diplomatic boycott plans

Biden said last week that backing a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in February is "something we're considering."

published on : 23rd November 2021

As US President Joe Biden's big bill advances, so does Speaker Nancy Pelosi's big legacy

Nancy Pelosi paid almost no attention to Kevin McCarthy's record-setting rant and delivered a sunny speech in stark contrast to his dark mood.

published on : 20th November 2021

Kamala Harris becomes first woman to hold US Presidential power as Biden undergoes health exam

The US presidential power was temporarily transferred to VP Kamala Harris for one hour and 25 minutes as Joe Biden underwent a sedated colonoscopy at Walter Reed hospital.

published on : 20th November 2021

Differences endure as US President Joe Biden brings back North America summit

Joe Biden has made some progress in repairing relations with U.S. neighbors after the turbulent Trump years.

published on : 18th November 2021

US President Joe Biden announces effort to ID toxic air issues in veterans

Joe Biden planned to travel to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Thursday to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony and deliver remarks.

published on : 11th November 2021

Biden invokes India, Brazil to explain global supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19

As post-pandemic demand surges and the economy tries to recover, delays at major ports around the world have driven up prices for daily essentials.

published on : 11th November 2021

Biden, Xinping and other APEC leaders to meet on Nov 13 to chart path forward from pandemic

As usual, the 21 APEC members will be seeking areas where members can cooperate on easing barriers to trade and economic growth instead of trying to settle longstanding feuds.

published on : 9th November 2021

US President Joe Biden's bet that economy would boost Democrats falls flat

The US economy was supposed to help President Joe Biden and Democrats, but as of late it's been hurting them with voters.

published on : 6th November 2021

US puts new controls on Israeli spyware company NSO Group

Tech giant Facebook is currently suing NSO Group in U.S. federal court for allegedly targeting some 1,400 users of its encrypted messaging service WhatsApp with highly sophisticated spyware.

published on : 3rd November 2021

US President Joe Biden appoints Debra Shore to lead EPA Midwestern office

Debra Shore drew support from LGBTQ Victory Institute, which described her as the latest high-level LGBTQ appointee in the Biden administration.

published on : 13th October 2021

US President Joe Biden pushes big plans as key to avoid 'America's decline'

Joe Biden journeyed to Michigan, declaring he wanted to set some things straight about his agenda and cut through what he dismissed as noise in Washington.

published on : 6th October 2021
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