AI is changing the hiring game

The company leverages AI to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the quality and fit of its hires.
AI is changing the hiring game

BENGALURU: HR firms have been using software for automated resume screening for some time, but the explosion of artificial intelligence tools can be a game-changer the industry. These AI tools help HR experts save enormous amounts of time, which they can now use to focus on the human aspects, which require judgment.

“AI is transforming the talent acquisition process by enabling more efficient resume screening, predictive analytics for candidate success, and even conducting video interviews,” says Nirupama V G, founder and managing director, AdAstra Consultants.

For instance, AI algorithms can swiftly gauge hundreds of applications and identify candidates whose skills and experiences best match the job requirements. The company leverages AI to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the quality and fit of its hires.

Apart from AI, several other technologies are revolutionising the hiring process. Recruitment software for ATS (applicant tracking system) has become integral, enabling to manage and organise candidate data effectively. Video interviewing software has also gained traction, especially in the current remote-working era, allowing one to conduct interviews more flexibly and conveniently, Nirupama adds.

A survey by talent platform foundit reveals that technology is playing an increasingly important role in recruitment, with 56% of companies adopting a geocentric approach to hiring using technology to source and recruit candidates from anywhere in the world.

The survey talks about HR organisations’ widespread adoption of diverse recruitment technologies, revealing the prominence of ATS, favoured by 46% of recruiters. Complementary technologies include Candidate Sourcing Software, which facilitates the identification of potential candidates across various platforms, and Interview Scheduling Tools.

The survey highlights the prevalence of additional tools, including candidate insight tracking (28%), advanced smart filters for candidate short-listing (30%), and candidate assessment tools (32%) for comprehensive candidate evaluation. Beyond these essentials, recruiters are exploring more specialised technologies such as candidate experience rating/commenting tools to refine processes based on applicant feedback.

AI also implements blind profiling, which is removing any personal identifiers such as name, gender, background and data-driven selection, AI tools are eliminating personal biases, focusing solely on skills and competencies, says Vikram Ahuja, managing director of ANSR and CEO and co-founder of Talent500.

Studies have shown that AI-enabled tools in hiring processes can lead to a 25% increase in the hiring of underrepresented groups. Many recruitment companies are now making use of generative AI to create personalised and powerful messages. For talent hunters, Gen AI helps in optimising job descriptions and supports in expanding search for qualified candidates.

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