Gemini models, gen AI and more from Google

From Gemini Code Assist for developers to new enhancements for Gemini in Google Workspace, the flagship event made significant announcements.
Gemini models, gen AI and more from Google

BENGALURU : Google’s flagship Cloud Next event, which concluded on April 11 in Las Vegas, introduced many emerging tech products. During the event, Google experts and developers highlighted many gen AI use cases and supercomputing architecture, among others. The tech giant also announced new features that are coming to Sheets, Meet and Docs. 

Speaking at the event, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said last year, the world was just beginning to imagine how generative AI technology could transform businesses — and today, that transformation is well underway. More than 60% of funded gen AI startups and nearly 90% of gen AI unicorns are Google Cloud customers. 

From Gemini Code Assist for developers to new enhancements for Gemini in Google Workspace, the flagship event made significant announcements. "Today, realising the full potential of the cloud goes beyond infrastructure, network, and storage. It demands a new way of thinking. It's embracing possibilities to solve problems in boldly creative ways, and reimagining solutions to achieve the previously impossible. We're both inspired and amazed to see this mindset quickly materialize in our customers’ work as they pave new paths forward in the AI era — whether automating day-to-day tasks or tackling complex challenges," he said. 

Google Vids: The company also announced Vids, its newest Workspace app, which is an AI-powered video creation app for work. It can generate a storyboard that one can easily edit, and after choosing a style, it pieces together the first draft with suggested scenes from stock videos, images and background music. Use your voice to send emails: Now, you can use your voice to send emails from your Gmail app. The new instant polish feature is coming to Gemini in Gmail, as it helps one transform notes into a more complete email draft. These are available to Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business customers, and Google One AI Premium subscribers. 

Thomas Kurian,
CEO , Google Cloud
Thomas Kurian, CEO , Google Cloud

New features of Gemini in BigQuery: To simplify data preparation, validation, and enrichment, BigQuery now includes AI augmented data preparation that helps users to cleanse and wrangle their data, Google said in its blog post. Additionally, it is also enabling users to build low-code visual data pipelines, or rebuild legacy pipelines in BigQuery. Gemini in BigQuery provides AI-powered experiences for data preparation, analysis and engineering as well as intelligent recommendations to enhance user productivity and optimise costs. 

AI Hypercomputer: It is a supercomputing architecture that incorporates a set of functions built through systems-level codesign to boost ML productivity across AI training, tuning, and serving applications. 

Developers and experts at the event concluded that this is the most exciting period of computing and explained the power of Gen AI and that it can help companies boost productivity.

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