Beat the heat; Head to the hills

Instead of going to the beaches, trek towards breathtaking vistas and cool mountain air that beats the heat.
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This summer, ditch the crowded beaches and scorching sand. Instead, trek towards breathtaking vistas and cool mountain air that beats the heat. Soak in the refreshing weather as you embark on the perfect summer adventure with our guide to six unforgettable treks across India.


Gulmarg, Kashmir’s meadow of flowers nestled in the cool embrace of the Pir Panjal range, beckons trekkers in the hot summers of April and May. Imagine crisp air (3-13°C) brushing your face as you conquer the scenic trails. For a moderate challenge, trek 13 kilometres to the breathtaking Alpather Lake, perched at a staggering 4,390 metres. But, in case you’re feeling more adventurous and have some additional time to spend, the Tosa Maidan trek awaits, with dynamic landscapes of meadows, rivers, ridges and rocky paths teeming with life. At the end of the steep climb, you’re treated to the breathtaking view of green pastures.


Trade cityscapes for skyscapes on the crown of West Bengal — Sandakphu. This peak straddles the India-Nepal border, offering a taste of two cultures and a visual feast unlike any other. Trek through rhododendron forests and quaint villages, soaking in the hospitality of locals and the thrill of encountering Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga in the distance. This route also follows remnants of the Old Silk Route, adding a touch of ancient wonder to your journey. The trek caters to beginners, taking six to eleven days at a leisurely pace. Like a cherry on the cake, pleasant weather (17-15°C) with clear skies guarantees picture-perfect moments.

Beas Kund

The Beas Kund trek, a 23-kilometre odyssey unfolding over four days in Himachal’s Kullu Valley, culminates in a breathtaking rendezvous with a glacial lake — Beas Kund itself, perched at 3,700 metres. Your adventure starts at Solang Nallah, where crisp and unfolds like a scenic canvas, boasting breathtaking panoramas of Manali’s snow-capped giants. Along the trail, you’ll pass by playful meadows, the awe-inspiring Beas Kund Glacier and you might even have a chance encounter with nature’s hidden bounty — wild strawberries and mushrooms. Cool temperatures (10-15°C) make this moderate trek a joy.


Embark on a soul-stirring pilgrimage this summer on the Kedarnath trek, nestled deep within the Indian state of Uttarakhand. May and June unveil the Himalayas’ gentle side, with temperatures hovering between 10-15°C, perfect for traversing the 16-18 kilometre path. Your journey begins at Gaurikund and quickly transforms into a scenic route as you ascend. Walk alongside the gushing waters of the River Tons and River Mandakini while you witness the contrasting landscapes of eastern and western Uttarakhand unfurl before you. The culmination of your trek is a spiritual one — the Kedarnath Temple, perched majestically at 3,583 metres.

Hampta Pass

Situated at a height of 14,000 feet, this Himachal gem is a corridor that connects the Lahaul and Kullu valleys. Starting from the Manali base Camp, embark on a 28-kilometre journey that weaves through meadows, dense forests and gushing streams while witnessing the majestic Pir Panjal glaciers glistening in the distance. This moderate trek, which takes roughly six days to complete, offers a visual feast. Trek alongside the lush greenery of Kullu, bursting with wildflowers and forests, before stepping into the beauty of Lahaul, a land of barren mountains painted in shades of brown and grey. With a daytime temperature that ranges between 17-20°C, Hampta Pass is truly a trekker’s paradise for summer.


Uttarakhand’s hidden gem, the Dodital Lake, offers a 40-kilometer adventure from Agoda village. Crystal-green waters of the lake await at 3,024 metres. Legend has it that this is touted to be Lord Ganesha’s birthplace. You can simply choose an easy trekking experience or go on to conquer the Darwa Pass at 4,151 metres. Witness the Himalayas unfold — dense forests and snow-capped ridges paint a beautiful landscape. Pleasant temperatures (13-18°C) make this a perfect summer escape.

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