In loving memory of my mother: Jahnvi Kapoor

Even years after her mother’s passing, Janhvi Kapoor (her elder daughter) remains deeply connected to her mother’s legacy.
Janhvi Kapoor
Janhvi Kapoor

For avid fans longing to experience life in a star’s home, Airbnb’s recently unveiled 11 iconic properties can make that dream come true. Airbnb just introduced a new category, Icons, featuring celebrity homes, museums, tour bus and more. The latest to join this list is Sridevi’s family home in South India, now being opened to the public by the late lady superstar’s daughter, Jahnvi Kapoor. Located in Chennai, this mansion is now open for rental, offering guests a rare chance to stay in the very first home purchased by the legendary actress.

Even years after her mother’s passing, Janhvi Kapoor (her elder daughter) remains deeply connected to her mother’s legacy as she holds dear memories of her childhood spent in this house. This  International Mother’s Day, Janhvi is ready to share a part of that legacy with the world by opening the doors of their family’s estate to guests. “This home holds countless memories with my beloved family. My most cherished memories are of summers spent with my family at our Chennai home. It’s been our little coastal secret, until now. Be among the first to step into our haven and make some memories of your own. My family means so much to me and you will see that throughout our home,” Janhvi Kapoor reveals.

This luxurious coastal abode sports earthy elements from the hand-crafted marble lotus sculpture gracing the entrance of the home to the expansive interior spaces styled in bamboo, rattan and marble, the entire home is designed for ultimate relaxation. Within the heart of the home lies a minimalist living room, a dining area rich with cherished family photographs placed in every corner, Janhvi’s dressing room where she develops her natural skincare treatments and an airy master bedroom featuring a cosy canopy bed covered in white sheets.

Walk towards the back of the house and lose yourself to the serene surroundings of the vast garden dotted with palm trees and fountains and the creme de la creme — an expansive swimming pool. This part of the house also offers a shaded gazebo garden which promises stunning sunset views over the sea.

While only a select few Airbnb users will have the opportunity to stay in this Chennai mansion, a lucky four (two sets of two guests) have a chance to meet Janhvi and also spend a day with her at this property — all for the price of Rs 0. The one-night stay package includes learning some of Sridevi’s beauty hacks, including her homemade honey face mask and oils made from hibiscus flowers. Additionally, guests will be treated to a culinary delight with authentic South Indian dishes such as Ghee Podi Rice, Andhra Biryani, Pesarattu Dosa and Palkova.

For those unfamiliar, this property — nestled on four acres of quaint beachfront — holds significant historical value as the first home purchased by Sridevi after her marriage to producer Boney Kapoor. Despite being filled with artefacts and paintings from around the world, the house had to be closed due to maintenance issues. However, following Sridevi’s passing, Boney Kapoor renovated the house, restoring its former glory. Today, this coastal home stands as a testament to Sridevi’s life, offering guests a glimpse into the summers she spent here with her family. Bookings open at 6.30 pm on May 12.

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