V R Ferose

Chatting in the margins through scribbles, doodles

Perhaps the most famous book on the subject is HH Jackson’s Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books.

01 Jul 2019

Making a case for an ‘antilibrary’: The joy of a huge pile of unread books

My personal library has around 3,000 books.

01 Jul 2019

Should you judge a book by its cover?

The book jacket has evolved into a variety of styles. One significant transition was what Chip Kidd brought into being – the photographic collage.

01 Jul 2019

Regional ties: Exploring the best of Bhasha literature

I became suddenly interested in regional literary writing when the Kannada translation of a book I co-authored, Gifted, won the Karnataka Sahithya Academy Award in 2017.

27 Mar 2019

Sketchy affair: Graphic novels are for adults too

The difference between a cartoonist, a graphic artist, and a caricaturist is the same as between a Baptist, a Protestant, and a Mormon.

27 Feb 2019

Exploring the genre of books on books

As a bibliophile and technologist, I have struggled with the duality of the physical and the digital book.

30 Jan 2019