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Tigress Avni may have been problem tiger but not man-eater: Activists

Further, forest department should not avail the services of known private hunters or professionals who are in the business of killing animals.

published on : 6th November 2018

Hubballi-Ankola rail project again fails to get NTCA nod

Welcoming the  decision, wildlife activists have called upon Karnataka State Board of Wildlife to reject the project once for all.

published on : 29th September 2018

Three hundred Kali Tiger Reserve watchers haven’t received wages for months 

An earlier inquiry report of NTCA on poor status of protection in KTR points out issues such as delayed payments to watchers and deployment of less than five watchers in anti-poaching camps.

published on : 28th August 2018

Post-flood, NTCA to take stock of tiger reserves in Kerala

Going by the field survey as part of the all India tiger estimation which started earlier this year, signs are that tiger population may have increased further.

published on : 24th August 2018

Significant rise in Kerala's tiger population from 2010

The 2014 wildcat census has put the number of tigers in the forests of Kerala at 136, a significant up from 71 recorded in 2010.

published on : 29th July 2018

Hubballi-Ankola railway project may see light of day

What seems likes a long pending railway project between Hubballi and Ankola is finally chugging.

published on : 21st June 2018

Tiger Conservation Authority exposes forest department's lie on seized skin

However, the NTCA, through its National Tiger Database, matched the seized tiger skin and concluded that the big cat inhabited the Udanti-Sitanadi reserve.

published on : 23rd April 2018

Hubballi-Ankola railway line hits roadblock as tiger authority says no to project

If implemented, NTCA says will fragment the old migration path of elephants and break the habitat connectivity of tiger reserves.

published on : 20th April 2018

Modalities over, first tiger from Madhya Pradesh next month

This is for the first time that an inter-state translocation of tigers would be carried out for re-introduction purpose.

published on : 19th March 2018

Big cat count going up but poaching figures still too high

Even as India takes pride in its rising tiger population, nearly 40 per cent big cat deaths since 2012 have been attributed to poaching and seizure of body parts.

published on : 11th March 2018

Chhattisgarh HC issues notice to National Tiger Conservation Authority over construction of 621 houses under PMAY-G in tiger reserve

A division bench comprising of chief justice T B Radhakrishnan and justice Sharad Kumar Gupta directed the NTCA to respond by 10 April this year.

published on : 8th February 2018