Nanditha Krishna

Drowning in Chennai: Tamil Nadu’s yearly water crisis

Since 2015, the year of the terrible floods, the city administration has tried to build storm water drains in flood-prone areas. But the Adyar and Cooum are yet to be unclogged.

20 Nov 2021

The unknown heroines of India

A few like the Rani of Jhansi, Begum Hazrat Bai and Razia Sultana are mentioned in history books, but most have been forgotten by our historians.

16 Oct 2021

Ensure at least next generation is happy

Indian parents pressurise their children to reach heights that were denied to them

25 Sep 2021

Madras month: What are we celebrating?

The city is becoming filthy and the traffic is chaotic. Our two fresh water rivers, Cooum and Adyar, have become streams of sewage, while there is no way for rainwater to recede, causing floods.

28 Aug 2021

The good, the bad and the ugly during Covid

First, the Good. The common people have rallied, as always, some giving food for Covid patients, some providing care for elders and children, doing their shopping, providing pet care and so on.

26 Jun 2021

The Covid pandemic and our forgotten children

At a time of crisis, girls are regarded as a liability and married off. As the economy declines with lockdowns, more boys will enter the labour market.

22 May 2021