Tulsi Jayakumar

‘Family’ in Indian family businesses is key to growth

Family businesses will need to put their families in order, so that they can reap the benefits of an improving business environment and continue to contribute to the Indian economy.

07 Mar 2023

Startup spur needs budgetary push

The government may use creative methods to ensure that the benefits of the startups, which receive such tax exemptions, are large and contribute to equity.

27 Jan 2023

Central Bank digital currency and macroeconomic implications

Central banks have been motivated to issue CBDCs due to rising public interest in Bitcoins and other cryptos, which pose challenges to  the monetary system.

27 Dec 2022

Rupee in the red, case of the forex blues

A country holds foreign exchange reserves for several reasons. These include ensuring self-insurance and holding sufficient liquidity buffers against external shocks and crises. 

08 Nov 2022

Language debate and lessons from South Korea

The row over Hindi as the national language within the south, especially Tamil Nadu, has a long history even while other states such as Karnataka adopted the three-language formula.

30 May 2022

Government support a must for the poor and MSMEs

With rising costs of fuel and commodities, the government would need to place a cap and/ or provide subsidies for the MSME sector to cushion it from global inflation.

19 Apr 2022

What an increase in Fed rates would mean for India

As money flows out of India, it would affect the exchange rate, weakening the rupee and putting considerable pressure on the already high import prices of crude and raw materials.

21 Mar 2022

Examining budgetary health during the pandemic

Empirical evidence suggests that the two episodes associated with macroeconomic vulnerability in India were those preceded by expansionary fiscal policies

16 Jan 2021