Tulsi Jayakumar

Managing the trade-off between growth & inflation

The RBI and the government will need to ensure that attention to growth does not hamper the return of the inflation trajectory to manageable levels

14 Oct 2021

The flaws in Centre’s asset monetisation plan

Little attention has been paid to the issue of implementation of the monetisation pipeline. There is also the question of how the proceeds would be spent

08 Sep 2021

Is India’s current account surplus a reason to rejoice?

Coming after 17 years, is a current account surplus an indicator that all is well with the Indian economy?

08 Jul 2021

Inflation management challenges remain

The first concern is qualitative and has to do with how one assesses such tempering of inflation.

18 May 2021

Examining budgetary health during the pandemic

Empirical evidence suggests that the two episodes associated with macroeconomic vulnerability in India were those preceded by expansionary fiscal policies

16 Jan 2021