Anuja Chandramouli

'Rumble in a Village' has a droll touch and boasts dark themes 

Here is a compelling portrait of gloom and light that invest the lives of villagers in nondescript India

21 Nov 2020

Kamala Harris: A white saviour in another hue

Why is everyone assuming that Kamala is some sort of wand-wielding, fairy Godmother type who is going to transform the world?

13 Nov 2020

Putting a price on the priceless

The tragedy is the second attack to take place during the trial of those behind the appalling Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015.

24 Oct 2020

Madhavi S Mahadevan’s 'Bride of the Forest' is about a woman cursed to be the mother of sons

According to legend, this remarkable princess was the daughter of King Yayati who had been granted a boon which could easily be confused with a curse.

10 Oct 2020

Leave the children alone!

Perhaps it is of paramount importance to ease up on the pressures of our expectations regarding what we want for our youngsters

04 Oct 2020

'The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook' review: When Wanton women own their wickedness

Told with light-hearted whimsy, savage wit and brutal candour, this collection sends your senses into overdrive

19 Sep 2020

Lessons from a witch-hunt

Let us not kid ourselves. None of this is about justice. It is not even a question of innocence or guilt which is unlikely to ever be established beyond a shadow of doubt.

12 Sep 2020

'Bad Money' book review: Vivek Kaul's unsparing analysis on shambolic state of Indian banking, PSBs

The author makes it clear that the banking system is in bad shape.

29 Aug 2020

What's in a language? 'Bhaasha' turns into tool of polarisation, not communication in India

Practically everybody speaks English in India (pidgin English counts!), since it is the true unifying language not just in India but the rest of the world as well.

22 Aug 2020

Stress-related silvering, glaucophobia and the hair-raising dilemma that follows

The unfortunate individual, in this case, yours truly, then needed to deal with the unbearable trauma that inevitably follows.

01 Aug 2020

Okay to be scared during a pandemic, but not of  irrational fear

These are hardly the best of times and it is okay to be scared. But when we allow unfounded fear and irrational concerns to rule over good sense, an already crappy situation becomes far crappier.

11 Jul 2020

'Getting There' book review: Chronicle of unconventional choices

Written with disarming candour, the author makes no bones about her selfish self-indulgences, sexual conquests and privilege.

04 Jul 2020

Reality and all things surreal: Here are two books that explore the essence of all that is Pakistan

A charming travelogue, and an engaging, shocking, hilariously and deeply troubling book lay bare the Pakistan of today.

13 Jun 2020

Outraged over outrage!

Nowadays, social media denizens feel it is their national duty to lose their minds over the myriad offences helpfully trotted out by the click bait media.

13 Jun 2020

'Unbroken: The Brussels Terror Attack Survivor' review- This survivor has an indomitable spirit

On March 22, 2016, twin blasts went off at the main terminal of Zaventem International Airport and another explosion hit the Maelbeek metro station. 

30 May 2020