Anuja Chandramouli

'Nala Damayanti' book review: An epic redemption

A modern-day retelling of the mythological love story of Nala and Damayanti, which is meant for the progressive reader.

26 May 2023

'Maharaja Rajendra Singh Deo: A Man Among Princes' book review

A painstakingly researched book on the life of Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo of Odisha
that establishes him as a dutiful and compassionate ruler

01 Apr 2023

Of canine crisis and bovine blows

We all know these news stories represent a mere fraction of such incidents.

18 Mar 2023

Golden Globe for Naatu Naatu: White validation and home truths

The solution for this sorry state of affairs simply cannot be to rest on the laurels of random Indian victories and putter along on potholed-roads with chests puffed up with vacuous pride.

21 Jan 2023

'The Begum' review: Bold and the beautiful

The extraordinary life of Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan and how she selflessly worked towards the cause of Pakistan

21 Apr 2019

Paradise and its Protectors

In the little seaside village, Socorro Do Mundo, where time seems to be snoozing along with the inhabitants, the overwhelming evidence of insidious rot is impossible to overlook.

19 May 2018