Dilrukshi Handunnetti

Appalling Ranil crackdown on political dissent

It is no surprise that Wickremesinghe has cleverly warmed his way to the top slot through political maneuvering to live his dream.

07 Nov 2022

Restructuring can only go so far, answers needed

The financial crisis has also brought out into the open Sri Lanka’s unaddressed and increasing political crisis

03 Oct 2022

Ranil must shed Gota baggage for acceptability

 Wickremesinghe appears to have more detractors than supporters, and his short tenure as president has come under severe criticism, both locally and internationally.

08 Aug 2022

'IF'...: Warped mandate for Kipling-lover Wickremesinghe, winning over Sri Lanka daunting

Much water has flowed since the early years of his political leadership and Wickremesinghe is no longer hailed as the "Mr Clean" of Sri Lankan politics...

02 Aug 2022

Fresh protests in Sri Lanka as Ranil Wickremesinghe wins presidential elections

Despite former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa fleeing the country following massive protests, his ruling party managed to get his proxy Wickremesinghe elected as successor.

21 Jul 2022

#GottaGo: Why Sri Lanka’s Iron Man hit melting point

He fled the island as the country’s chief executive to go down in the island’s political history as the first president to be ousted from office through a popular uprising.

16 Jul 2022

Sri Lanka crisis: It's all Go-Ranil push now 

Named acting Prez after Gotabaya flees to Maldives, Lankan PM faces fury of protesters

14 Jul 2022

New Sri Lankan president by July 20

Three days after a mass uprising almost deposed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, there was more clarity on the timeline for the election of his successor.

12 Jul 2022

Sri Lanka plunges into chaos

President Gotabaya flees, PM Ranil offers to step down to pave way for an all-party government.

10 Jul 2022

Rajapaksas face ‘Lanka spring’ heat

In Colombo, hundreds of people are camping out and chanting one slogan “Gota Go Home” and the protests are gathering momentum.

13 Apr 2022