Kapil Sibal

Deepening schism & issues that seek a national mandate in 2024

India has changed. It is no longer the inclusive country we were born in. The dialogues of today are worrisome. If we do not stand up to this, our tomorrow will be in danger.

28 Nov 2022

Imposing language an assault on India’s diversity

The State cannot be allowed to interfere, as a matter  of law, since it relates to the future of the child. This 
is indeed a matter of privacy and personal liberty

31 Oct 2022

OPINION: Court isn’t the forum to take call on freebies

The Supreme Court recently called for introspection in the context of political parties’ “freebies” promise, often on the eve of elections to State Assemblies or to Parliament.

29 Aug 2022

Revamp rules to make Parliament discussions open

In a parliamentary democracy like India, the Opposition should have the space to hold transparent discussions. If this is not allowed, what follows is noise, not debate.

25 Jul 2022

Don’t re-open past wounds, time to think of present

The calamities of the past cannot legitimise inflicting wounds on the living today as an act of vengeance. This is where India, as a nation, is going wrong.

27 Jun 2022

When matters of faith are part of political agendas

Our constitutional framework empowers our citizens with certain rights and seeks to safeguard their multifarious identities.

30 May 2022

Bulldozing the diversity of our cultural identities

The founding fathers of our Constitution dreamt of a nation that will embrace its diversity in its fullness. The majoritarian culture seeks to silence this

25 Apr 2022

KV admissions and the exercise of discretion

MPs can recommend a maximum of 10 admissions to Kendriya Vidyalaya every academic year. But this power is most often misused and its benefits are not for everyone to enjoy.

28 Mar 2022