R Gopalakrishnan

Transformation of Tata around liberalisation

The odds were loaded against the Tata group at the start of Ratan Tata’s leadership. Bound by a slower functioning style, there was much to be done to face the fast-paced competition of the future.

07 Oct 2021

Transformation of HLL during liberalisation

Hindustan Lever had to completely reorient itself. It developed an enormous appetite for organic growth, something that industrial licencing had thwarted till 1991

09 Sep 2021

Why organisations tend to go around in circles

The most efficient path between two points is the straight line. But since effectiveness is more essential, leaders might choose a path that is inefficient to accomplish the task  

11 Aug 2021

Transforming organisations: Who said competitors can’t collaborate?

Unfortunately, the narrative these days suggests that while winning is an all-important end, crushing the ‘other’ is equally crucial. Politics and business are really not the same as war.

15 Jul 2021

Transforming organisations: Optics are important

Transformation agendas need continuous recalibration based on signals. Apart from the court of law, the court of public opinion matters

18 Jun 2021

Transforming organisations: Slow down to reach faster

Execution requires constant review, failing which two risks arise: initiative overload and declaration of victory. A live example of both can be seen from India’s recent experiences

20 May 2021

Do you have inattentional blindness? Check here

When you are so intensely focused on the signals you are looking for, you are liable to miss the other 
signs. How does one recognise this and avoid it?

22 Apr 2021

Transforming organisations: Assess capacity for change

There is a delicate balance between the organisation’s capacity for change and the leader’s vision for it. The two must match for a transformation initiative to be successful

26 Mar 2021

Transforming organisations: Role of subsonic sounds

 Each organisation has a unique geology, conditioned by its history and culture. The leader must understand these and listen to the infrasound to make good decisions

25 Feb 2021