Saravanan MP

Over 1,000 trees felled in Tiruppur to widen highway, activists fume

The lane extension work was started on April 28th,2022 and will end by May 2023.

01 Jul 2022

Donations cut, government schools stop teaching home science, business maths in Tiruppur

" The ban on donations has dried up funds for schools and they have stopped admission. With garment industry desperate for cheap labourer, the teenagers would be easy pickings", said one Eswaran.

30 Jun 2022

Caste names not removed from street boards in Tamil Nadu's Palladam

Tamil Nadu has done away with the use of caste identity in names. But name boards in several roads in Palladam still carry the caste name.

28 Jun 2022

Tiruppur's PAP canal turning death trap, 191 persons dead in four years

The number of fatalities has been steadily rising over the years - 44 (2018), 39 (2019) 41 (2020), 45 (2021), and 22 (till June 15, 2022).

23 Jun 2022

Tirupppur Corp delayed issuing construction completion certificates by 2 years: Residents

Not just homeowners, many commercial complex owners said they are affected as they are unable to get completion certificates.

22 Jun 2022

Tiruppur falls from first to 30th spot in Class 10 results, Covid blamed

Tiruppur Collector Dr S Vineeth said, "We will analyse the result of the district SSLC exam under all parameters, school wise and take appropriate measures."

21 Jun 2022

500 beneficiaries waiting 20 years for promised land in Tiruppur district

Paruvai village president S Ravichandran said that officials inspected land near Krishnapuram and  allocated 25 acres to 47 beneficiaries in 1998.

18 Jun 2022

MNREGS workers should clean government schools in Tiruppur, say teachers

As per official data, 3.05 lakh persons registered under MGNREGA scheme in 2021-22 from the Tiruppur district.

17 Jun 2022

Use MGNREGS workers to clean schools, teachers tell TN govt

Recently, a government school at Perumanallur collected Rs 10,000 from teachers and the Parent-Teachers Association for clearing shrubs and bushes.

16 Jun 2022

Tiruppur farmers in jitters as strays prey upon sheep

A forest official said that they have installed more than 15 CCTV cameras in the region and found that more than 10 dogs are roaming in the area and attacking other animals.

15 Jun 2022

Alleging no support from govt, TN farmers cut ties with cotton

Amid the indefinite strike, garment and cotton mills cite hoarding by traders among the reasons for the yarn price increase.

24 May 2022

Struggling to afford vital cattle feed, Tiruppur dairy farmers feel the heat

The cotton price hike has left dairy farmers fretting as the price of cotton seed, a vital cattle feed, has gone up. Cotton seed is rich in protein and fibre.

23 May 2022

‘Sewage flow into Nanjarayan lake threatening birds’

The pond receives water from catchment areas around the reservoir and also the Nallar river. But for the past several years, the branch of the river has turned into a sewage line.

07 May 2022

50% Pocso case victims in Tiruppur are children of migrant workers

Parents employed in the garment sector said they have no option but to leave their children at home, which makes them easy targets for sexual predators.

22 Apr 2022

Railway tracks turn grave for deer in Tiruppur, 20 killed in two years

Over 20 spotted deer had died on the tracks at Kothapalayam and Vanjipalayam in Avinashi in the last two years.

18 Apr 2022