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Don't want to show poverty: Director Tirlok Malik

Emmy-nominated Indian-American filmmaker Tirlok Malik talks about his latest short film and why he sticks to immigrant struggle as theme.

15 Oct 2021

How a garment factory is changing the face of Chhattisgarh's Maoist-riddled Dantewada

For tribal women in Maoist-hit Dantewada, a garment factory is changing lives and aspirations. 

10 Oct 2021

Well-established careers are left behind to follow passion amid pandemic

Switching careers is never easy, but the pandemic has seen many doing so. While some have been forced to pick another vocation, others with risk-appetites follow their passion. 

08 Aug 2021

Motorcycle Diaries: These bikers believe in defying norms and speeding down roads less travelled

They believe in defying norms and speeding down roads less travelled. The biking brotherhood, and now sisterhood, are united in pursuit of their passion for leisure riding.

31 Jul 2021

'An Engineered Dream' shows lives of teenagers pursuing dreams of cracking engineering entrance exam

National Award-winning filmmaker Hemant Gaba says cinema should be timeless and leave viewers seeking answers

18 Apr 2021