Smitha Verma

Travails and tribulations: a story on the complexities of honour in India

A nuanced work of literary fiction that sheds light on issues of caste violence, religious complexities and the horrors of riots

19 Nov 2022

‘Mythology helps understand human mind, behaviour’: Garuda Purana author Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik speaks with Smitha Verma about writing his new book, Garuda Purana,
and how he looks at death through various cultural prisms

05 Nov 2022

Shehan Karunatilaka’s 'The Seven Moons of Maali Almedia': A phantom redemption

Shehan Karunatilaka’s The Seven Moons of Maali Almedia is a nail-biting whodunit set in Sri Lanka, written with a generous dose of magic realism.

21 Oct 2022

Finding the can in cancer

The urge to play god is a frequent compulsion in the scientific community. Cancer gladiators are no exception.

10 Sep 2022

'In a better place: A doctor’s journey' book review: Finger on the pulse

An honest portrayal of the lives of doctors, Dr Bornali Datta’s debut book covers a trail of dreams and desperation, pain and pursuits, lives and deaths.

10 Sep 2022

'All the lovers in the night' book review: Of love and light

Kawakami brings us Irie, who is as lonely as the parenthesis she puts in her manuscripts.

20 Aug 2022

'An American Girl in India' author Wendy Doniger takes us through her journey 

My native American impatience with the delays of Indian bureaucracy prompted me to try to understand why everything took so long.

02 Jul 2022

Mount of mystery: Dahlia Aggarwal’s debut solo exhibition

As is Aggarwal’s art where she wants her viewers to appreciate the nuances of her work through their “own esoteric conscience”.

18 Jun 2022

How Young India thinks

In a world ravaged by war, climate crisis and the pandemic, young ones across the small towns and 
metros of India are clear about their aspirations and demands from their country

07 Jun 2022

‘I’ve Redefined What Success Means to Me’   

Actor, writer and comedian Lilly Singh speaks to Smitha Verma about her latest book, the pressures of being a celebrity and future plans.

21 May 2022

‘I was at the right place at the right time’

British-Indian writer, playwright and screenwriter Farrukh Dhondy speaks to Smitha Verma about his latest memoir, journalistic career and OTT venture

07 May 2022

Finding Remo

Musician Remo Fernandes talks about why he chose to write his autobiography—a task he started a decade back 

02 Apr 2022

The Great Indian Bias

Discrimination lurks everywhere, inside our offices, businesses and educational institutions. Little has moved beyond tokenism despite the enormous economic and social costs.

29 Mar 2022

INTERVIEW| ‘People are Comforted by Affiliations Even when They do not Like it’

Sudeep Chakravarti tells Smitha Verma what his new book is all about, the meticulous research that went into it and the lacunae that exist in New Delhi’s Act East policy

20 Mar 2022

Product Review- Colour and Care

If  there’s one thing that can be better than a liquid lipstick, then it is a liquid lipstick with serum.

12 Mar 2022