Uma Shankar Kar

Kalahandi farmer conditions hard soil to grow profit

Krushna Nag has used crop subsidies, farm inputs effectively to grow vegetables, raise good quality poultry and make profit year after year, writes Uma Shankar Kar.

12 Apr 2021

AC classrooms, open air auditoriums: ‘Mo School’ drives a quiet change in Kalahandi

At the Government Girls High School of Bhawanipatna, a 20,000 litre water tank and water purifiers have been installed.

14 Mar 2021

Rice miller creates 'black gold' from ash in Odisha

A Kalahandi rice miller found an innovative way to turn rice husk ash into non-polluting pellets that aid steel production, writes Uma Shankar Kar

22 Nov 2020

Lighting up lives

Despite being home to the Indravati hydropower project, Kalahandi villagers lived in dark for ages. But the scenario is changing now

01 Nov 2020

Covid-19: Odisha sarpanch shows the way by managing medical centres, educating villagers

After managing 3 temporary medical centres, Madhuchhanda Bhanja is educating villagers on ways to protect themselves from the virus.

24 Oct 2020