Vishnuprasad KP

New system in place to protect birds nesting in roadside trees

Local residents and SFD officials will be the members in the first while NHAI officials, its contractors and SFD officers will be the members in the second.

01 Oct 2022

IUML to catch ‘em young with Bala Keralam

Children aged between 5 and 15 will be made part of the wing and be given political and moral lessons. M

16 Sep 2022

Vengara unites to conduct marriage of Rosemanor home inmate

The people in the Muslim majority area have borne all expenses of the Hindu marriage held at the Ammancherikkavu Bhagavathi Temple, Vengara.

12 Sep 2022

Muslim families relocate graves of loved ones for NH widening

Once our loved ones are buried, most of us want their mortal remains to remain there forever.

02 Sep 2022

Interview sheds light on Malabar Rebellion leader’s final days

An interview of Ali Musliyar, a prominent leader of the 1921 Malabar rebellion, has surfaced, giving insight into his days in jail after being sentenced to death by a British court.

19 Aug 2022

Five years after getting GI tag, golden-hued Nilambur teak shines brighter

The golden-hued Nilambur teak has been shining brighter, thanks to the Geographical Indication (GI) tag it had won five years ago.

11 Aug 2022

‘Padasala’ to provide political education to MYL workers

MYL state treasurer Ismail P Wayanad said a total of 25,000 members will complete the course in six month.

31 Jul 2022

A grand old well in Kerala that hasn’t lost its identity

In 2015, the Kerala government declared the well a protected monument, following the local residents’ protest over the moves to fill the well with debris.

17 Jul 2022

Kerala woman's dream drive to obtain heavy vehicle licence

There’s no stopping Jumaila Haris, a 38-year-old mother of three who is on a path-breaking journey of exploring and teaching heavy vehicle driving, reports Vishnuprasad K P

03 Jul 2022

Meet Muhammed Shanil - Kerala man fighting for differently-abled-friendly state

Paralysed from waist down by polio, Muhammed Shanil has overcome challenges to become an accessibility auditor striving to install better facilities in private and public spaces.

29 May 2022

Kerala: Cabin crew member smuggled gold seven times, detailed probe launched

He usually brought consignments, left by carriers in flights, outside and handed them over to smugglers

28 May 2022