Vishnuprasad KP

Survey: 79 bird species make wetlands near Tirurangadi their home

 A recent bird survey, overseen by the Malappuram social forestry division, has identified the presence of 79 species in the wetlands of Cherumukku-Venchali, near Tirurangadi.

30 Nov 2023

P Abdul Hameed in Kerala Bank board; IUML in catch-22

IUML sources said that the new stance has created confusion among party workers.

19 Nov 2023

After 40 yrs, Kodur resumes cultivation of unique ash gourds

Each ash gourd harvested in the region weighed approximately 20kg and had a higher shelf life than the conventional varieties.

15 Nov 2023

Malappuram heritage museum unveils rich tapestry of the past

Recently, the Hajur Kacheri building underwent a transformation initiated by the State Archaeological Department and is now known as the Malappuram District Heritage Museum.

14 Nov 2023

5 women bag praise for organising 11-day Navratri festival at Trikkandiyoor temple in Kerala

This year’s temple festival assumed a distinctive nature, marked by increased female participation in the programmes compared to previous years.

25 Oct 2023

43.5% of amphibians in Kerala at risk of extinction 

Of 200 identified species in state, 87 are considered threatened, says study

21 Oct 2023

‘Morning Walkers’ in Kerala's Malappuram show the way for a healthy lifestyle

Each day, they arrive at the Kalikavu panchayat ground before 6.40am and engage in no fewer than 10 rounds of brisk walking or jogging.

17 Oct 2023

Paddy field helps bonds of community, faith take root

To commemorate the culmination of nadeel yatnam, local farmers perform chavittukali, a vibrant and lively dance performance.

22 Sep 2023

At 120, Malappuram grandma is world’s oldest person

It seems that the Guinness World Records officials are unaware of Kunheettumma’s existence.

06 Sep 2023

Onam as one: Thantri sends Onakodi, special message to Thangal

The representatives of the thantri were warmly welcomed by Sadik Ali Thangal, who ardently champions the maintenance of religious harmony as pivotal for societal progress.

29 Aug 2023

Jifri custody death: Kin seek broader probe to find involvement of top cops

The post-mortem report indicated that Thamir sustained injuries while in police custody, which also contributed to his death. Thamir was apprehended by the DANSAF squad in Tanur.

29 Aug 2023

Thamir Jifri kin flay police move to conduct re-postmortem

Police surgeon Hithesh Sankar defended the accuracy of the post-mortem report, asserting that the cause of death was established based on clear findings.

20 Aug 2023

Notice issued to MLA P V Anvar over alleged excess land holdings

Responding to the allegations, an official from the P V Anvar MLA office asserts that the MLA will provide conclusive evidence to refute the excess land accusations.

18 Aug 2023

High home birth rate poses neonatal, infant mortality risks in Malappuram

During the 2021-22 financial year, around 270 home deliveries were recorded in the district, followed by 266 in the subsequent financial year.

16 Aug 2023

Sunni board takes ‘high road’ with textbooks

The Sunni Vidyabhyasa Board had taken preemptive measures by integrating road-safety lessons into school textbooks, even before the Kerala state government considered a similar initiative.

04 Aug 2023

Isreal Conflict