shantanu david

Competing for a Cause

Adda52, a leading online gaming site with offices in Gurugram and Kolkata,

07 Jun 2021

On tuition for teachers

The core vision is to enable teachers to grow in their careers in the 21st century.

25 May 2021

Absurdly fresh, for real!

The company gradually built up a following in Bengaluru, followed by Hyderabad, using the unusual method of offering monthly subscriptions for their produce, instead of one-time orders.

27 Apr 2021

West Side Story

The Marketplace is a concept Restaurant, having 11 mini restaurants under one roof, offering up the world on a plate as it were.

20 Apr 2021

The Ways to Ea(s)t

Literally meaning ‘From East’, Azuma Kara is a new East Asian- delivery service, bringing flavours from the Sea of Japan and its surrounding environs to Delhi’s diners and NCR nibblers.

19 Apr 2021

Film notice

A new app provides a database of talent, crew, services and locations across India to streamline the business of filmmaking

16 Mar 2021