CM Yogi rebuts Rahul Gandhi's claims on Ayodhya, calls it a conspiracy to defame UP

Gives out details of Rs 1733-cr compensation provided to displaced 21,548 traders, residents
UP CM Yogi Adityanath
UP CM Yogi AdityanathFile Photo

Contradicting the claims over compensation provided to Ayodhya traders made by Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha on Monday, UP CM Yogi Adityanath came out with a strong rebuttal calling it sheer ‘lie’ and an attempt to spread misinformation.

The UP CM clarified that an amount of Rs 1,733 crore was distributed as compensation to those traders whp were displaced due to various development projects in Ayodhya.

The UP CM stated that Rahul's comments were intended to defame Uttar Pradesh and Ayodhya, calling the statements highly condemnable and shameful. The Chief Minister made these remarks while speaking to the media at his official residence on Monday evening.

"We have all witnessed Rahul Gandhi peddling false narrative and making misleading statements during the Lok Sabha elections. The Opposition leaders tried to undermine the Constitution and influence the elections using foreign funds, spreading misleading claims about the Constitution. They deceived the mothers andsisters of India by making them fill fake bond worth Rs 1 lakh. Once again, he has made a false statement, which is highly reprehensible and shameful," said the UP CM.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath
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He stated that everyone knew who had deprived Ayodhya of its identity. "Rahul Gandhi and his colleagues not only neglected Ayodhya but also stained Saryu River with blood. Now, as Ayodhya is gaining global attention with its glory being restored, Congress is getting upset," he asserted.

Calling Congress a web of lies, CM Yogi said that the truth was that Rs 1,733 crore were provided to the displaced residents of Ayodhya as compensation. “Be it for Ram Path, Bhakti Path, Janmabhoomi Path, or even Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, those who sacrificed their land, shops, or houses, have been compensated. We have built shops for those who had space at the back, and to those who didn't have, we have allocated new shops constructed at multi-levelcomplexes," said the CM.

“Rahul Gandhi's statement is a fabrication and part of a conspiracy to defame UP and Ayodhya. This reflects a mentality aimed at tarnishing the image of India and Ayodhya,” he added. The CM released the list of heads under which compensation was given to Ayodhya traders

UP CM Yogi Adityanath
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