CPI criticizes CPM Kannur faction over alleged underworld links

Responding to media queries in this regard, CPM state secretary M V Govindan had tried to downplay the issue.
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In an unusual political move within the Left, the CPI leadership has come out against the squabbles in the Kannur CPM that have put the party and the front on a sticky wicket.

Making an uncharacteristic intervention in the open fight between Kannur strongman P Jayarajan and ousted leader Manu Thomas, the CPI warned its big brother to be wary of vested interests linked to underworld and gold smuggling.

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Manu Thomas raises allegations against Jayarajan again, says he is being targeted

Putting the CPM in a spot, the CPI leadership issued a strongly-worded statement, albeit without naming it. “The news emerging from Kannur pains us fellow beings of the communist movement. It’s a land that lays claim to a history of Kayyoor, Karivellur and Thillenkeri. Stories of underworld links and gold smuggling emanating from Kannur is an insult to the red flag,” reminded CPI state secretary Binoy Viswam.

“The fact that those who play the role of Left protectors on social media have underworld links cannot go down well with genuine Left supporters. They are the people who played a key role in the recent setbacks faced by the Left movement in state,” the statement said.

CPI: Those preferring underworld are the ones who betray Left

“In fact, such people prompt the public to wonder whether the Left has forgotten its ideals and deviated from its core principles. The Left can win back the people’s trust only by consciously keeping away from such people,” the statement warned.

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CPM Kannur district panel backs P Jayarajan amid allegations by Manu Thomas

The CPI further reminded the CPM that the communist party has an obligation to lakhs of people who have deposed their faith in this movement. “Their trust and loyalty are crucial for communists. Those who prefer the underworld are the ones who betray the Left. It’s time to make it clear that these people deserve no forgiveness,” Binoy said. The CPI will always stand by the masses, their beliefs and sentiments, he added.

That the CPI unleashed public criticism about allegations of reported underworld links of Kannur leader P Jayarajan has surprised Left circles. The CPI statement, referring to squabbles within the CPM, has come at a time when the CPM state leadership has refused to comment on the same.

Responding to media queries in this regard, CPM state secretary M V Govindan had tried to downplay the issue. Many believe that the CPM is embarking on an internal purification drive, and the CPI statement should be viewed as a prelude to the same.

The CPM state leadership has been witnessing severe criticism from within the party post the Lok Sabha debacle. The Kannur CPM has been in a state of turmoil after former district committee member Manu Thomas raised serious charges against P Jayarajan and his son Jain Raj. He indicated that the Kannur leader had links with gold smuggling mafias and quotation gangs.

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