Aspirants rue cancellation of NEET-PG, say they are caught in no man’s land

Union Health Ministry postponed the NEET PG late on Saturday night as a “precautionary measure” amid the ongoing alleged UG paper leak controversy.
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HYDERABAD : Aspirants across the country were left distraught and anguished after the Union Health Ministry’s decision to postpone the NEET Post-Graduate (PG) late on Saturday night as a “precautionary measure” amid the ongoing alleged UG paper leak controversy.

Around two lakh aspirants were expected to appear for the exam scheduled for Sunday. Many of them had reached the examination venues after travelling for long hours.

One such individual was 27-year-old Monisha Ravichandran, who travelled from Tirupathur in Tamil Nadu to Hyderabad with her parents and reached here on Saturday. The trio travelled nearly 15 hours, covering around 700 km, to reach the exam centre — ION Digital Zone, Arunodaya Nagar on the Vijayawada highway.

Expressing her disappointment, the aspirant, who quit her job as a private practitioner two years ago, told TNIE that she could not sleep throughout the night after watching the news of another postponement of exam.

“Initially, the government announced the exam was postponed from March to July and then advanced to June. It has been really confusing and mentally exhausting to constantly check the website for updates. My parents and I were very upset over this development. I have been preparing for the past two years, so I thought I could finally take a break, but this news shattered my dreams,” Monisha said.

The NEET-PG has witnessed several date changes. It was originally supposed to take place on March 3 but was postponed to July 8 by the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), the body that conducts the test. However, the exam was once again shifted and advanced to June 23, and now it has been postponed again.

Meanwhile, Monisha’s family had to shell out around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 for their two-way journey, including tickets and accommodation. The aspirant hoped that if the government had made the announcement at least 24 hours prior, they could have avoided the physically and psychologically challenging travel.

The announcement came around 10 pm on Saturday, which was less than 12 hours before the students were supposed to appear for the exam at 9 am on Sunday. “Considering the government was aware of the NEET-UG paper leak, they should have handled it with a better plan. Acting irresponsibly, they are making the aspirants suffer,” she lamented, adding that students will now be in constant fear due to uncertainty over the exam date.

The image is used for representational purposes only.
NEET-PG: Students slam last-minute exam cancellation, say medical education is a mess

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