World's first tourist trip to Earth's orbit sans professional astronaut ends with a splash

The all-amateur crew, traveling in a SpaceX capsule, was the first to circle the world without a professional astronaut.

published on : 19th September 2021

'Punch it': SpaceX launches four amateurs on private Earth-circling trip

Elon Musk is the third billionaire to launch this summer, following the brief space-skimming flights by Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson and Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos in July.

published on : 16th September 2021

In first, SpaceX to send all-civilian crew into Earth orbit

The mission was paid for by Jared Isaacman, a 38-year-old high school dropout and founder of Shift4 Payments.

published on : 15th September 2021

SpaceX launches ants, avocados, robot to space station

A SpaceX shipment of ants, avocados and a human-sized robotic arm rocketed toward the International Space Station.

published on : 29th August 2021

Environmental concerns grow as space tourism lifts off

Scientists are worried about the potential for longer term harm as the industry is poised for major growth, particularly impacts to the ozone layer in the still poorly understood upper atmosphere.

published on : 18th July 2021

Elon Musk, Grimes party with Miley Cyrus at crypto-themed 'SNL' bash

During the themed party, the 33-year-old singer Grimes and Musk spent much of the night dancing to techno with Miley Cyrus.

published on : 11th May 2021

Old SpaceX capsule delivers new crew to space station

Although this was SpaceX's third crew flight for NASA, it was the first to use a vehicle that's flown before, an essential part of Musk's push to the moon and Mars.

published on : 24th April 2021

Facebook gives me willies, says Elon Musk on deleting SpaceX, Tesla pages

Both the SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages had over 2.6 million likes and followers and super high engagement rates, prior to their deletion.

published on : 25th March 2018

DeleteFacebook hashtag: Elon Musk deletes SpaceX, Tesla Facebook pages

Facebook pages of SpaceX and Tesla disappeared on Friday, minutes after Elon Musk responded to a comment on Twitter calling for him to take down his rocket company SpaceX.

published on : 24th March 2018