MP phone lottery fraud funds routed to ISI spy network 

Balram was part of two similar rackets busted by MP ATS in 2017 and August 2019.  

published on : 14th October 2019

Cyber fraudsters target WhatsApp users

Cyber fraudsters seem to be devising new and attractive ways to siphon off money from the gullible.

published on : 4th October 2019

How huge slice of luck ushered in prosperity!

 “Lady luck smiled on me at the right time,” says Santhosh hailing from Idukki. He won the `75-lakh first prize of the Christmas-New Year bumper in 2001. 

published on : 22nd September 2019

Vices of Malayalis keep Kerala afloat through its excruciating debts

Kerala is neck-deep in debt, yet the state is doing literally nothing to explore new revenue sources.

published on : 22nd September 2019

Windfall for six Kerala friends as they jointly win Rs 12 crore lottery prize

After the mandatory deductions of 10 per cent agency commission, income tax and surcharges, the winners would get around Rs 7 crore.

published on : 20th September 2019

No immediate resolution over GST on lottery

The lottery industry has been pressing for a uniform GST rate of 12 per cent and removal of tax on the prize money.

published on : 6th September 2019

Lottery industry pitches for uniform GST rate of 12 per cent

All India Federation of Lottery Trade & Allied Industries suggested that the GST Council could consider imposing GST on lotteries after abating the prize money component of the lottery ticket.

published on : 5th September 2019

Indian farmer borrows Rs 20,000 from wife to buy Dubai raffle, wins USD 4 million

Vilas Rikkala returned home after failing to find a job in Dubai. But he came with a Rs 20,000 raffle ticket which ended up winning the Big Ticket raffle.

published on : 4th August 2019

Two Indian expatriates win million dollars each in Dubai lottery

Mr Bachani, a 37-year old Dubai-based Indian national who also won in the raffle, has been living in Dubai for 14 years.

published on : 10th July 2019

Indian woman wins over Rs 22.45 crore in UAE raffle

Sapna Nair, who won AED 12 million in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle on Wednesday, said that she would use the money for charity.

published on : 5th July 2019

US President Trump proposes to end visa lottery; favours skilled workers

If passed by the Congress and signed into law, such a move is expected to significantly reduce the green card backlogs for highly skilled immigrants from India.

published on : 26th January 2018

Trump says will terminate US green card lottery after New York attack

In 2015, lottery applications were received for more than 14 million people, and 49,377 won green cards, including 2,524 Uzbeks.

published on : 1st November 2017