Indian scientists crack dengue vaccination challenge

Scientists selected a part of an important viral protein from four different variations of the dengue virus to develop the vaccine candidate as a ‘consensus vaccine’ that could be effective.

published on : 4th October 2021

Pro-protein life

For ages, we have followed a common misconception that a vegetarian diet lacks protein.

published on : 3rd October 2021

COVID, lung disease co-existence may create issues: AIIMS-Delhi study

Any delay in diagnosing these two diseases can lead to poor patient outcomes by failing to isolate a COVID-19 case.

published on : 23rd September 2021

AIIMS-Bhubaneswar's ECMO care gives 22-month-old girl new life

The first patient put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) at AIIMS-Bhubaneswar has successfully recovered.

published on : 19th September 2021

The new protein powerhouse  

Tempay, the protein-rich soy-based food, which seems to be twinning with paneer, is being hailed as the new superfood. But is it really?

published on : 22nd August 2021

Hyderabad: Covid patients who took antibody cocktail show encouraging response

Nearly  60 patients who have received the much talked about Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail Therapy in Gandhi Hospital free-of-cost have shown an encouraging response against Covid-19.

published on : 10th August 2021

Chicken price set to skyrocket with rising input cost; farmers left in lurch

Price of chicken, considered to be a key protein   source, is set to rise following a sharp increase in input cost.

published on : 16th July 2021

Move over paneer, tempeh gaining popularity as source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

Move over tofu and paneer, tempeh is slowly gaining popularity as a source of plant-based protein among Bengalureans

published on : 14th June 2021

Food innovations such as lab-grown algae can bridge nutrition deficit, researchers say

Pressure is also mounting to sharply curb consumption of meat and especially beef, a major source of greenhouse gases.

published on : 15th May 2021

Brain proteins help to understand epilepsy

EEG tests showed brain waves moving out of control, mimicking patterns seen in humans with epilepsy and anxiety.

published on : 10th August 2018