Zeiss Medical Tech launches device to treat breast cancer

The device offers the least disruptive treatment method available to patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

published on : 29th March 2022

IAEA reviews water release from damaged Japan nuclear plant

The government and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings announced plans last year to begin gradually releasing the still-contaminated water in spring 2023 after its further treatment and dilution.

published on : 14th February 2022

Six thyroid cancer patients sue power utility over 2011 Fukushima disaster radiation

The people, now aged 17-27 and living in and outside of Fukushima, demand the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings pay a total of USD 5.4 million in compensation.

published on : 27th January 2022

Government secures USDA approval for export of Indian mangoes to America

The export of Indian mangoes has been restricted by the US since 2020 as the USDA inspectors were unable to visit India for inspection.

published on : 11th January 2022

Radiation safety in Kerala: Are we still in the red?

Imagine yourself as a patient with a complaint of left flank pain reporting to the casualty department of a busy hospital.

published on : 8th July 2019