Submarine deal row: France lobbies EU as trust in US, UK and Australia wanes

French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said he would raise the trade pact and the security implications of the deal, known as AUKUS, at a meeting with his counterparts in Brussels.

published on : 21st September 2021

North Korea slams US over submarine deal, warns countermeasures

President Joe Biden announced last week a new alliance including Australia and Britain that would deliver an Australian fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines.

published on : 20th September 2021

France vents over Australia submarine deal but gets no support from other nations

Bertrand Badie, an international relations professor at the Sciences Po institute in Paris, said France had put itself in a position where it can only appear to be backing down.

published on : 20th September 2021

"I don't regret putting Australia's national interest first, never will": Australian PM on breaking French deal

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said they had "deep and grave concerns" that the capability being delivered by the Attack Class submarine would not meet their strategic interests.

published on : 19th September 2021

"Duplicity, disdain and lies": French authorities fume over Australia's submarine deal crisis

Allies "don't treat each other with such brutality, such unpredictability, a major partner like France ... So there really is a crisis," French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

published on : 19th September 2021

France says Australia-US submarine deal 'huge mistake'

French envoy Jean-Pierre Thebault made the comments leaving his residence in Canberra after being recalled by the French government in protest to the US, UK and Australia nuclear submarine deal.

published on : 18th September 2021

France's recall of ambassador over submarine row regretful, says Australia

French Ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Thebault said Australia never mentioned that the project could be scrapped.

published on : 18th September 2021

France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over botched up submarine deal

The relationship conceived in 18th century revolutions appeared at a tipping point after the US, Australia and Britain shunned France in creating a new Indo-Pacific security arrangement.

published on : 18th September 2021

Japan detects suspected China submarine near southern island

The submarine remained submerged, but the Japanese defence ministry said that it believes the submarine is Chinese because a Chinese Luyang III-class guided-missile destroyer is near the submarine.

published on : 12th September 2021

Documents show no coverup in submarine sinking: US Navy Skipper 

The Thresher was the first of a new class of attack submarines that could travel farther and dive deeper than any previous sub.

published on : 2nd August 2021

India issues tender for Rs 50,000 crore project to build six submarines

This would provide a major boost to the indigenous design and construction capability of submarines in India, in addition to bringing in the latest submarine design and technologies as part of the pro

published on : 20th July 2021

Defence Ministry approves construction of six advanced submarines for Indian Navy

The project, which cost around Rs 43,000 crore, was cleared by the Defence Acquisition Council chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

published on : 4th June 2021

Indian Navy set to issue Rs 50,000 crore tender for 6 stealth submarines

Sources confirmed that the Request for Proposal (RFP), to be issued to the Indian companies identified as Strategic Partners, will be discussed in a high level meeting slated for Friday.

published on : 3rd June 2021

53 crew of lost submarine are dead, wreckage found, says Indonesia

The wreckage is located 1,500 meters (yards) to the south of the site where the submarine last dove Wednesday, off Bali's northern coast.

published on : 25th April 2021

Indonesia navy declares lost submarine with 53 aboard sunk

The navy had previously said an electrical failure could have left the submarine unable to execute emergency procedures to resurface.

published on : 25th April 2021
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