US investigates Tesla for steering wheels that can fall off

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the probe covers an estimated 120,000 vehicles from the 2023 model year.

published on : 8th March 2023

Elon Musk eyes torrid growth at Tesla, but offers no big new reveals

The only major new announcement of note was Musk's confirmation of plans to build a new electric car factory in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.

published on : 2nd March 2023

Tesla to open plant in Northern Mexico

"The plant is going to be established in Monterrey," Lopez Obrador told reporters after speaking with Musk.

published on : 28th February 2023

Elon Musk found not guilty in 2018 Tesla tweet trial

The tweets sent the Tesla share price on a rollercoaster ride, and Musk was sued by shareholders who said the tycoon acted recklessly in an effort to squeeze investors who had bet against the company.

published on : 4th February 2023

Elon Musk takes witness stand to defend Tesla buyout tweets

Musk, 51, said he cares “a great deal” about investors and also railed against short sellers who make investments that reward them when a company's stock price falls.

published on : 21st January 2023

Tesla share price: US fraud trial begins over Elon Musk's 2018 tweets

The trial is expected to last three weeks and comes at a sensitive time for Musk, who will likely be called to testify.

published on : 18th January 2023

Elon Musk's next drama: a trial over his tweets about Tesla

The trial, which begins on Tuesday with jury selection, was triggered by a class-action lawsuit on behalf of investors who owned Tesla stock for a 10-day period in August 2018.

published on : 17th January 2023

Musk faces US fraud trial over tweet allegedly manipulating Tesla stock price in 2018

Musk was swiftly sued by shareholders for allegedly costing them billions of dollars with the Twitter post that said funding was "secured" to buy out the company's shareholders.

published on : 14th January 2023

Indian-origin US man arrested for deliberately driving Tesla with wife, two children off cliff

The rescue of Dharmesh Patel, his wife and children was described as almost miraculous, the New York Times newspaper said.

published on : 4th January 2023

Tesla posts disappointing deliveries for 2022 as it misses target by 50 per cent

To boost sluggish sales, Tesla offered rare promotions to customers willing to take delivery of a new vehicle before the end of 2022.

published on : 3rd January 2023

Tesla closes up despite Musk selling USD 3.58 billion of its shares

The sale comes as shares of the electric vehicle and solar panel maker have collapsed, losing over half their value since Musk first disclosed in April that he was buying up Twitter stock.

published on : 16th December 2022

Elon Musk sells Tesla stocks worth USD 3.58 billion, purpose unknown

Musk has sold nearly $23 billion worth of Tesla stock since April, with much of the money likely going to help fund his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

published on : 15th December 2022

Hyderabad’s Tesla is an e-bicycle

Prashant is currently labouring over various practical experiments to come up with better e-bicycles.

published on : 30th November 2022

Tesla's full self-driving beta now available: Elon Musk

Musk had come under heavy scrutiny in August over the controversial Autopilot advanced driver assistance system that has allegedly killed many.

published on : 24th November 2022

Elon Musk asks Twitter users if Donald Trump should be reinstated

There was no indication that the mercurial boss of Space-X and Tesla would adhere to the results of the ad hoc poll.

published on : 19th November 2022

Musk to testify at trial over his USD 50 billion Tesla compensation

According to a legal filing, Musk earned the equivalent of $52.4 billion in Tesla stock options over four and a half years after virtually all of the company's targets were met.

published on : 16th November 2022

Musk's Tesla compensation trial begins in US court

According to a legal filing, Musk earned the equivalent of USD 52.4 billion in stock options over four and a half years after virtually all of the company's targets were met.

published on : 15th November 2022

Twitter's new owner Elon Musk sells USD 3.95 billion worth of Tesla stock

Most of Musk’s wealth is tied up in shares of Tesla Inc.

published on : 9th November 2022

Elon Musk threatens to name shame advertisers who are backing out from Twitter after layoffs

In a series of tweets, Tesla CEO has blamed "activist groups pressuring advertisers" for a "massive drop in revenue" as the company engages in mass layoffs.

published on : 5th November 2022

EXPLAINER | What's next for Musk-controlled Twitter? 

Twitter's users, advertisers and employees are parsing Musk's every move in an effort to guess where he might take the company — but the mercurial tech executive has not made the job easy.

published on : 28th October 2022
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