Avinash Ramachandran

Kollywood on the other side of glory

National Awards in the Tamil film industry have often ended up defining an actor’s range and limiting it to a certain kind of cinema.

21 Sep 2019

Sonam and Dulquer's 'The Zoya Factor' review: A lucky sixer off a not so well-timed pull

What works for the film is that for every cliche 'textbook shot', there is an enterprising 'switch-hit' subversion.

21 Sep 2019

Manoj Bajpayee does something different that elevates the scene: Priyamani on 'The Family Man'

Before the advent of OTT platforms, it was generally believed that the small screen was the second home of actors who were past it.

17 Sep 2019

Arun Vijay turns cop once again

This will be the second time Arun Vijay dons the khaki after his own production Kuttram 23 (2017).

07 Sep 2019

Stepping into Bollywood is a huge step in my career: Arun Vijay

Arun Vijay, in last week’s release, Saaho, plays Vishwak, the heir apparent of an underworld fiefdom.

03 Sep 2019

'Mayuran' review: The saviour needs saving in this insipid thriller

Devoid of all distractions, director Nandan Subbarayan gets to tell a story about how tough it is for a nobody to take on the mighty.

31 Aug 2019

'Mei' review: This medical thriller saves no one

Over the years, Tamil cinema has seen its fair share of crime thrillers, but for me, none are more chilling than those centred on institutional crimes, especially medical negligence.

25 Aug 2019

INTERVIEW | A glance is enough to begin liking someone: 'Bigg Boss' contesant Abhirami Venkatachalam

Abhirami Venkatachalam, who acted in Nerkonda Paarvai, dwells on her Bigg Boss stint that was punctuated with tears

22 Aug 2019

Has Tamil cinema shown Chennai right?

Film experts discuss whether filmmakers are bound by responsibility towards a comprehensive portrayal of Chennai, making way for unbiased narratives.

22 Aug 2019

I don’t want the bubbly girl image anymore: Kajal Aggarwal

Last year, Kajal Aggarwal was part of the National Award-winning film, Awe, which was critically acclaimed.

14 Aug 2019

'Arjun Patiala' review: This Diljit Dosanjh-starrer is a middling spoof that is low on laughs

The cheekiness in writing is, unfortunately, let down by the film's unnecessary attempts to subvert cliches, which prove detrimental to the overall narrative.

27 Jul 2019

Eviction in Big Boss doesn’t necessarily mean I was at fault: Mohan Vaidhya

Over the past four weeks, a constant source of criticism against Mohan has been his public displays of affection with the other house mates.

24 Jul 2019

'Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari' review: Good, but not potent enough

True to the film's title, director KR Chandru does take us on a ride that gets us mildly intoxicated and helps us reach a perceptible high.

13 Jul 2019

'One Day: Justice Delivered' movie review | A mediocre thriller let down by bad writing and inconsistent performances

Towards the end of his career, Anupam’s Tyagi decides to punish the criminals who went scot-free from his courtrooms thanks to loopholes in the legal system.

06 Jul 2019

Thanne Vandi: Battle of wits

With music by Moses and cinematography by Venkat, the film is in the post-production stage and is expected to get an August release.

02 Jul 2019