Mahesh Natarajan

Love, grief and COVID

I have heard echoes of that sentiment too many times recently - people struck with their own judgment and feelings of guilt at instinctively thinking of their own health and safety.

04 May 2021

Of mangoes and the taste of love  

Summer  is here and with it mangoes.

27 Apr 2021

On love and regret

Many times, it is not really a choice that one actively chooses, but something that is thrust upon us.

20 Apr 2021

Talking it out   

Now, think of something more significant.

06 Apr 2021

The calm before the storm

It might just be a little better in the Smart City roads where the storm water drains are well-covered and there are drains to keep away the waste from being pushed in.

30 Mar 2021

All about the good fight

Sometimes in love and in relationships, we do similar things. People in relationships play each other up, talk trash about each other and seemingly go at each other’s throats but are unharmed by it.

23 Mar 2021

Classic Crossover

Violinist Apoorva Krishna’s latest album has Carnatic tracks with a contemporary twist as it tries to offer a new take on Indian classical music

16 Mar 2021

Mum over memes

The honest to goodness truth is that there’s nothing definite about any of it, and certainly nothing that limits love to one’s love for oneself or how one has been loved.

09 Mar 2021

Food for the soul

In the culinary world, fast food ruled the world for decades.

02 Mar 2021

Disappointments in love

Close to a week past Valentine’s Day and all the hopes that it possibly brings of feeling loved and connected to those who seek it.

23 Feb 2021

Love for the future

16 Feb 2021

Decoding love

If you are wondering why we are talking about a computer programming language in a column about love and relationships, hang in there -- you will see the point soon enough.

09 Feb 2021

Images of love

Once you are done, maybe go get a coffee or something and after 30 minutes or so, come back and look at the images or words that you had put down on your paper.

02 Feb 2021

Hormones at the heart

Scientists have been studying happiness, love and joy for all the time that there has been science, one could say.

28 Jan 2021

Can we attract love by pretending it exists? 

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.

19 Jan 2021