Mahesh Natarajan

Emotional investment

We invest our intent and interest, our attention, our social connections, our passion, our affection.

30 Nov 2021

The opportunity to take it back

Every now and then, somebody you love and care for deeply might just say something deeply judgmental, hurtful, contemptuous or just plain mean.

23 Nov 2021

Travel test

It starts with the most basic of questions of where one wants to go and when.

16 Nov 2021

Post festive blues 

Whether one stays home and continues work as always or travel out on a holiday doesn’t really count – it is only about whether you are back “home” or away. 

09 Nov 2021

Love bombing

Thing is, love bombers are, more often than not, in it for themselves and not the object of their current fascination.

02 Nov 2021

Holding tough emotions

Nothing says, “I love you,” as much as a loved one who gets what we feel and why, is able to join us in the way we feel, and gets us back to emotional safety.

26 Oct 2021

Parity and partners

Ever have feelings that you don’t quite deserve the love you have in your life, that you are not quite in the same ‘league’ as your loved one? 

19 Oct 2021

Health of a relationship

In the first place, a few things affect our mental wellbeing like the state of our relationships — romantic, familial, friendships, work and even social relationships.

12 Oct 2021

Flirting formula

There is a whole section of the internet dedicated to recording all kinds of attempts at flirting including the suave, successful ones, the cliched ones and the face-palm moments.

06 Oct 2021

Honesty Vs transparency

Anything else discovered on one’s own, or through others’ sharing can create a huge conflict.

28 Sep 2021

Changing equations

A relationship system, with its bonds of love and affection between willing adults, will by definition, also tend towards entropy as well if left to itself.

21 Sep 2021

Freedom of choice 

Here in South India, birthdays or anniversaries are often celebrated in a running count. That means India is “75 running” this August.

17 Aug 2021

The Questions We Ask

It might feel like living with a two-year-old child.

10 Aug 2021

Bonding over shared Covid trauma

Shared trauma where people who are traumatised in similar ways by an event they go through, may often bond through it, even get enmeshed with each other romantically, sexually and otherwise.

13 Jul 2021

What are lovers’ rights?

Relationships where everyone is secure in themselves and in their attachment may not really care at all whether there is such an open access.

22 Jun 2021