PV Subramanyam

Want to get wealthy? Earn well, spend smartly and invest wisely

Earn Well. Spend Smartly. Invest Wisely. All 3 actions are important at the start and then you should keep investing in a diverse set of income-generating assets.

21 Nov 2022

Unnecessary buying delays your retirement

Of course, Time is Money, and I would like to talk about how you should look at anything that you wish to buy (for use, I presume).

07 Nov 2022

Are you giving to a charity? Or trying to impress people?

No this is not a question that I am asking. This is a question that a wife asked her husband during one of our meetings.

24 Oct 2022

What should you choose this Diwali?

Here is a list of shares  (Check the table) to buy with current price and target price.

10 Oct 2022

Liquid fund: Here is where you could park money

I was having a conversation with a friend who had got some money recently, and wanted to invest that. He was worried about inflation, and did not want to invest into his dental practice.

26 Sep 2022

About Boycott Bollywood and Capitalism

Boycott Bollywood! Well, I am not talking about this politically, but let us see what happens when such a call is given. Initially the Bollywood Gang does not even know about this boycott.

12 Sep 2022

Money and life rules for young investors

This investment could be path breaking - make sure that you know when to get out if things do not do well. Have a clear Exit strategy.

29 Aug 2022

Changing portfolio and tax implications

This is WITHOUT selling your mutual fund units. Well, technically your funds went from one scheme to another, but you did not sell. 

15 Aug 2022

The retirement problem that people don’t know

While most of the stories that you hear are about ‘Golden’ retirement, in a few cases, it is ‘Red’ Retirement.

01 Aug 2022

Top fears about Retirement

Of course, there are other worries like they outliving their corpus - but financial worries are easier to handle than non-financial worries.

18 Jul 2022

Unprepared for Retirement? Pull up your socks now

Have you noticed how people react when they hear the news of somebody’s death? They almost always say ‘it was so untimely’.

04 Jul 2022

Should you let your teen trade in the equity markets?

In India, you do not have the ability to contract, so technically a minor cannot trade. I do not think a teen can even invest, but however, a teen can own shares that are bequeathed to him. 

20 Jun 2022

Retirement corpus planning: Wealth creation blunders I see - part II

One of the biggest blunders that people make is ignoring inflation. Imagine you were (are) living in the USA. From 1980 till 2021 you had inflation of 2% per annum.

06 Jun 2022

Wealth creation blunders I see

Human beings, especially the middle-class Indians whom I meet, love being called ‘middle-class’ - even when their net-worth reaches (and crosses) 1 Million US Dollars.

23 May 2022

Buy shares in uncertain times, sell in certain times

When there is so much of uncertainty around, Equity Markets find it difficult to go up. Now comes a new problem - the re-emerging Chinese Covid crisis.

09 May 2022