S Senthil Kumar

Unsung heroes -- Udayan and Srinivasan -- helped capture notorious MDT-23 tiger

Sources said Udayan and Srinivasan were used as other experienced kumkis had been stationed in Gudalur forest range for over a month to drive away wild elephants. 

19 Oct 2021

Did double shot worsen tiger MDT23’s health?

A veterinarian sitting on a kumki elephant fired a dart at the tiger at 1.05 pm on Friday, after which it fled into the bushes, sources from the team that tranquilised the big cat said.

17 Oct 2021

Injured tiger cub back in pink of health in Coimbatore

Forest officials nursed to health an eight-month-old male tiger which was rescued at Mudis estate in Valparai on September 28.

14 Oct 2021

Tiger op exposes holes in tn forest department? 

Questions arise on expertise of vets, availability of equipment

12 Oct 2021

Hungry elephants take easy route, raid ration shops at Valparai

It’s that time of the year when elephants migrate to find food in the Valparai plateau. They usually rummage through the tea and coffee fields.

07 Oct 2021

Poaching of Madras hedgehogs for ‘medicine’ raises alarm

Apart from its use in traditional medicine, habitat alteration, road accidents, and other anthropogenic activities are the reasons cited for the animals dying.

11 Sep 2021

Birds in Achankulam facing threat due to poaching

The forest department was urged to create awareness among the local people on how the birds contribute to the conservation of nature and why they need to be protected.

06 Sep 2021

Villagers of Tamil Nadu's Gomangalampudur begin renovation of 500-year-old Bungalow Court

The building is used as court room where the villagers gather to resolve issues such as family disputes and matters of public interest.

04 Sep 2021

Elephant found dead in Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, poaching suspected

Post mortem examination reveals no signs of injury or poisoning; however officials say left tusk is missing

31 Aug 2021

In a first, museum dedicated to elephants to be unveiled in TN's Mettupalayam soon

The Tamil Nadu government has chosen Mettupalayam as the site of the first-of-its-kind centre as Coimbatore has a thriving elephant population

18 Aug 2021

Locals wary as jumbo Vinayaga strays close to human habitat

Like Rivaldo, a radio collar was fixed on Vinayaga before it was released, but the animal managed to free itself and the forest department lost track of him.

09 Aug 2021

Indigenous People Day today, but plight hasn’t changed one bit for Kadar tribals

While the Forest Department had offered land for new houses at Kallarkudi, the (Kadar) tribals rejected it as they want land allotted in Theppakalmedu.

09 Aug 2021

Cow elephant dies of anthrax near Anaikatti

Anthrax is a serious infectious disease affecting herbivores. It is caused by bacteria known as Bacillus Anthracis, which is found naturally in soil.

13 Jul 2021

TN Election results: AIADMK wrests Kongu region

It may be said that the western region has contributed significantly for the AIADMK’s overall tally in the 2021 elections.

03 May 2021

What privacy? To save money, TNSTC uses papers with Aadhaar details to respond to RTI queries

Sakthivel is not the only person to have received replies to RTI queries on such sheets. RTI activist Daniel Jesudass said he too received replies from TNSTC and even the Health department on such she

20 Apr 2021