Sathya Saran

The Sound of Prayer

A lady staying in a posh hotel repeatedly called the reception to complain about the noise in the room beside hers.

20 Nov 2021

It pains me to see how Tapan Sinha is almost forgotten, says author Amitava Nag 

The author of 'The Cinema of Tapan Sinha: An Introduction' speaks about his research and findings on the work of the director. 

16 Nov 2021

Saving our past

In AlUla, a unique cultural landscape located in north-west Arabia, considered a living museum that holds 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

22 Oct 2021

Spare the soap

Wash your dirty linen. But know this. Not all linen is as dirty as you think. So wash sparingly.

26 Sep 2021

Time to Educate the Appeasers of Rain God

Even as cities reel under continued onslaughts of heavy showers that come riding the wild winds, entire parts of the country bake in the relentless heat of an unending summer. 

12 Sep 2021

Letting a woman soar will uplift men

Women of independent India, granted equal rights to education, to work, vote, open bank accounts, drive and fly. They are everywhere; of all ages, from all stations of life.

28 Aug 2021

Guru Dutt's 'An Unfinished Story': An unsuccessful attempt

Usman has filled his basket with stories from every possible source and set them out like clothes drying in the dhobi ghat.

07 Aug 2021

Our vicarious victories 

Think about what happened when Sindhu lost the match that would have moved her a notch closer to the silver.

05 Aug 2021

History will judge us on our will to jab

The world has united as one. Social media is the acknowledged Prophet.

24 Jul 2021

The world is a Kaleidoscope of viewpoints

A passerby could see pure and simple joy in the scene or catch the deprivation in the faded garments, the fact that their day is spent under a tree, it's all a matter of perspective.

10 Jul 2021

'Enter Stage Right' book review: View from the wings

Alkazi’s memoir takes us through generations of relatives from both the Alkazi and Padamsee sides of the family

26 Jun 2021

Classics win the war against waste

Not just clothes, but in all aspects of our daily life, reuse is a mantra the world needs to adopt. 

12 Jun 2021

Nature runs like clockwork, so why are we different?

The laburnum tree is dressing itself up. With all the care of a woman decking up for her beloved.

22 May 2021

If you can’t help, at least do nothing

Earlier we counted numbers. So many infected, this many serious, this many fatalities. Now we count names, as the circle draws itself close.

08 May 2021

'Louiz Banks: A Symphony of Love' book review| Celebrating India's Jazz King

Somehow this book seems much longer than its 242 pages, which in most cases is an easy ramble for a book lover.

30 Apr 2021