William Dalrymple

Taliban's 'spectacularly uninclusive' government unlikely to survive: Historian William Dalrymple

Surprised that the Taliban talked about inclusivity but did not even "dress it up", Dalrymple said the new government wouldn't appeal to either Western donors, a majority of Afghans including women.

published on : 12th September 2021

Taliban can assert independence from their Pakistani paymasters: Author William Dalrymple

The author felt that the US government's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is 'strategically wrong-headed' and 'emotionally ill-considered'.

published on : 31st August 2021

INTERVIEW | Author William Dalrymple gets candid about 'The Company Quartet' and more

Dalrymple tells Medha Dutta Yadav how The Company Quartet evolved over two decades of research, and shares which of the four books is closest to him and why

published on : 6th June 2021

Chronicling the past

William Dalrymple talks to CE about his latest book that explores the rise of East India Company, his thoughts on the present-day situation in Kashmir and more

published on : 14th October 2019