Google, Oracle meet in billion dollar copyright clash at US Supreme Court

Google says that to create Android it wrote millions of lines of new computer code for which it also used 11,330 lines of code and an organization that's part of Oracle's Java.

published on : 8th October 2020

Google, Oracle meet in copyright clash at Supreme Court

Google won the first round when a trial court rejected Oracle’s copyright claim, but that ruling was overturned on appeal.

published on : 7th October 2020

TikTok's owner applies for Chinese license to close US deal

The White House says the video service is a security risk because the personal information of its millions of US users could be handed over to Chinese authorities.

published on : 24th September 2020

Explainer: What does a deal between TikTok and Oracle mean?

The move comes a week before the Sept. 20 deadline for ByteDance to sell TikTok to an American company or risk being banned in the U.S. over national security concerns.

published on : 14th September 2020

Oracle wins TikTok over Microsoft in Trump-urged bid

The Trump administration has threatened to ban TikTok by Sept. 20 and ordered ByteDance to sell its US business, claiming national-security risks due to its Chinese ownership.

published on : 14th September 2020

US President Donald Trump backs Oracle in reported TikTok deal

Reports said Oracle -- whose chairman Larry Ellison has raised millions in campaign funds for Trump -- was weighing a bid for TikTok's operations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

published on : 19th August 2020

Now Oracle joins the race to acquire TikTok: Report

Microsoft is the frontrunner to purchase TikTok's US business following a discussion between the company's CEO and the US President.

published on : 18th August 2020

Kerala woman ends life after oracle publicly accuses her of 'immorality'

The oracle, who is arrested, allegedly made remarks insulting the mother of two children in the presence of other devotees during the temple rituals held on February 25.

published on : 3rd March 2020