Deepika Rathod

Popping pills? Here's all you need to know about cause, consequences and cure to acidity 

The more you eat more than is needed, the more acid is produced by the body or the less you eat your body stays under nourished with high stomach acids.

07 Aug 2022

For the love of the liver: A chief nutrition officer's guide to healthy liver 

Every year, World Hepatitis  Day is celebrated on July 28 to raise awareness about liver health and liver inflammation.

01 Aug 2022

Lifestyle is the key

It is only when we get into a deep sleep cycle that our body undergoes  proper processes for healing.

25 Jul 2022

All for grey matter: Tips for a healthy brain

We can’t really see the brain and that’s why we take it for granted, but our brain is working throughout the day and night, performing multiple functions and taking care of our body too.

18 Jul 2022

The cancer diet 

During this process, cytokines can cause appetite suppression, weight loss, or tissue breakdown.

10 Jul 2022

Eat fruits, the right way!

Fruits are the most natural and nutritious food available because they contain good amounts of fruit sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

04 Jul 2022

Attention, people with desk jobs: Move your body, already!

A sedentary lifestyle can be challenged by simple exercises through the day, and it isn’t too hard, as we find out… 

26 Jun 2022

Sleep away those pounds

It sounds too easy to be true, but a good sleep cycle might be the easiest way for you to aid your body in a weight loss journey.

21 Jun 2022

Breathe your stress out

Most stress can be combatted by developing a good breathing technique. We find out more…

06 Jun 2022

Healthy heart matters

Summers are officially here! And most of us, hopefully, have been taking adequate precautions to stay hydrated.

29 May 2022

Mad about magnesium

Magnesium also plays an essential role in the transport of calcium and potassium ions across our cell membranes; an important process that improves nerve function and muscle contraction.

15 May 2022

Keep it cool

It is time to go back to our roots and sip on some homemade drinks to beat the heat

01 May 2022

Detox diaries

The human body is very intelligent and it can detoxify itself on its own.

25 Apr 2022

Keep your ‘C’ up

Vitamin C is vital for the the maintenance of bones, skin, teeth, and joints

17 Apr 2022

The lifestyle factors that affect our immune system

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 every year. And when we talk about health, it all starts with our immune system.

11 Apr 2022