Mata Amritanandamayi

Release Ego and Find the True Strength Within

When the god of death came to take the sculptor’s life away, he saw 13 identical figures.

25 May 2023

Worship of God in form takes one to the formless

We can imagine any form, but we must have faith in that form.

15 Apr 2023

Deeper value of rituals, traditions

Just as pictures and counting beads are used as aids to help teach children how to count, traditions and rituals are necessary to shape the mind.

01 Apr 2023

Bhaya-bhakti helps beginner on path of devotion

The devotion of one who knows that God punishes evil deeds will contain both reverence and a slight tinge of fear.

18 Mar 2023

Practicality of devotion

What we need is practical logic, not intellectual gymnastics.

03 Mar 2023

Meditation with compassion

It never goes in vain, and the benefit from it is never lost.

20 Jan 2023

Detachment in domesticity: True householder leads family life externally, sannyasi’s life internally

However, this self-sacrifice and surrender do not arise so easily.

07 Jan 2023

Life philosophy: See good, to do good

We become one when faith in god arises. We love others. We do good, obey our parents, and salute the guru with all due reverence. In this way, we become good.

04 Dec 2022

Devotion and prayer

Some people criticise devotion and prayer, calling it a mere display of emotion.

28 Apr 2018