Mata Amritanandamayi

Change Yourself with New Year

We are welcoming 2022 with great expectations, just as we anticipate the glorious sunrise after the darkness of night as we begin to see the twilight of dawn.

15 Jan 2022

Mata Amritanandamayi Column | Emulate the Mahatmas

In order to awaken and raise the awareness level of human beings, Mahatmas lived their lives as models for people to emulate.

01 Jan 2022

Recognise your latent talents

Children, when we encounter adverse circumstances, there are three ways in which we can try accepting them and continue moving ahead without flagging.

18 Dec 2021

Mother Nature needs our care

It is the selfish things man has done to Nature that come back to us in the form of epidemics such as the coronavirus

04 Dec 2021

Let's make our entire life a festival

Instead, we should do what we can to the best of our abilities, with the power given to us by God and leave the rest to the Divine Will.

20 Nov 2021

True love flows only from God

We are able to function only because of the blessings of the Lord, who is most compassionate.

23 Oct 2021

Rising from our monkey mind

It is the habit of a monkey to jump from one branch of a tree to another, and from there to yet another branch. Everyone has a monkey mind that is perpetually running hither and thither.

09 Oct 2021

Innocence helps perceive truth

We need innocence in order to grasp the real meaning of what we hear.

18 Sep 2021

Compassion is our duty to God

Some people feel that sannyasis (monks) should go to and remain in the Himalayas.

04 Sep 2021

Remain rooted in our heritage

If we continue to distance ourselves from our own culture, the number of old-age homes here will increase, just as it is happening in other countries.

20 Aug 2021

End conflict from Human Mind

Unfortunately, the majority of wars waged by man have not been fought to uphold truth and justice but have been motivated by selfishness. 

08 Aug 2021

March ahead even in defeat

The waves of life will devour all our efforts and the fruits of those efforts. When that happens, we should neither despair nor retreat. Instead, we should strive even harder to move ahead. 

24 Jul 2021

Let's create heaven within

Nothing is inconsequential in nature as both an engine and a screw are important in an airplane.

10 Jul 2021

Remote control of the mind

Spirituality is the understanding and realisation that the source of bliss is within oneself. We believe that happiness lies in objects.

26 Jun 2021

Of enthusiasm and patience

God is with us. Once we have the faith that God will help us overcome any obstacle, we will have the alertness and vitality to surmount any obstacle and forge ahead.

12 Jun 2021