Mata Amritanandamayi

Formula to change society

We are not isolated islands. We are all links in a chain. We cannot wait for others to change. We should be 
prepared to change first. 

23 Jan 2021

Make a spring season blossom

It is also essential that we develop the qualities of patience, mental strength and optimistic faith to help us face adverse situations.

08 Jan 2021

Pair faith with effort

Just having faith in a doctor will not cure our ailment. The patient—says a diabetes patient—should take the medicine as well as follow the prescribed diet.

21 Dec 2020

True goal of human birth

There once was a spiritual aspirant living in a village. He was absorbed in his practices with an attitude of surrender. There was a person in the village who would always mock and criticise him.

04 Dec 2020

Surrender to the divine

Some people keep investing money in their own business even if it is incurring losses.

21 Nov 2020

Purify what’s inside yourself

Otherwise, we will smell bad.We have so much more to learn from those around us than from books.

07 Nov 2020

Don't lose inner strength

Though many situations in life are often not in our control, we can still plan how we will respond.

25 Oct 2020

Power of compassion

Similarly, there are many people on the brink of death. Even if we don’t give anything material, a mere compassionate word may be enough.

10 Oct 2020

Fear drives people to faith

Fear drives people towards faith and not the understanding of spiritual principles or fundamental truths. It is said that in Kali Yug, only Kamsa Bhakti is beneficial, due to fear.

26 Sep 2020

Let’s open our hearts

We are now imprisoned in the jail of our own creation. We will be able to free ourselves from that jail if we have that surrender.

13 Sep 2020

God-realisation is our goal 

All over India, there is a tradition of drawing rangoli each morning in the front yard. Usually, the rangoli drawn the previous morning will have faded away or been erased.

29 Aug 2020

Celebrate Your Failures

If our mind is filled with the light of God’s love, all experiences—good and bad—will be able to bring us happiness. We will be able to celebrate not only our successes but also our failures.

15 Aug 2020

Finding the road to peace

Happiness is not something one gains from objects. In fact, desires stand in the way of true happiness.

01 Aug 2020

Here's why and how you should tackle your 'ego'

No matter where one works, one must learn to handle the egoistic ‘I’ sense with maturity. If not, it will harm both the individual and society. 

18 Jul 2020

Yoga: The priceless wealth

Yoga is a comprehensive way of life that gives a high level of importance to dharmic values and principles. Yoga brings success in both material as well as spiritual life.

04 Jul 2020