Parvez Sultan

Waqf Board caps price of a grave in Delhi at Rs 3,000

The DWB is the custodian of several mosques and graveyards in the national capital.

17 Jan 2021

Delhi registrar offices to ensure same-day delivery of papers

The revenue department has prepared a standard operating procedure (SoP) for smooth functioning and minimise hassle for registrants.

16 Jan 2021

Urdu Academy set to launch online courses

The pandemic compelled us to shut the teaching centres where the academy was running certificate and diploma courses.

15 Jan 2021

Citing punctuality, Delhi government's SWD asks staff to report on time 

Highlighting the importance of ‘punctuality’, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) of the Delhi government has warned its staff to stick to the office-hours schedule.

15 Jan 2021

Government panel inspects Humayun’s tomb to locate Mughal prince Dara Shikoh’s grave

Sanjeev Kumar Singh, a civil engineer with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation who claims to have identified the crypt of the prince killed by his brother Emperor Aurangzeb, was also present.

12 Jan 2021

Officials told to complete co-operative society polls in national capital

The office of register also asked them to take action for redressal of members grievances and pay attention to, conduct of election, audit and also for removal of causes of supersession.

12 Jan 2021

Monumental efforts: Preserving our past

Despite having a treasure trove of history, Delhi witnessed authorities’ apathy towards its monuments over the years. But with private agencies stepping in, these structures got a new lease.

11 Jan 2021

Centre appoints committee to identify Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh's grave in Delhi

Noted archaeologist and former director general of National Museum BR Mani, member of the committee, confirmed the proposed visit.

11 Jan 2021

Shahjahanabad body seeks autonomy for redevelopment of the Walled city

The SRDC was supposed to work as a ‘nodal agency’ to establish coordination among all stakeholders and all government bodies.

09 Jan 2021

When Pranab asked Kejriwal to ‘maintain dignity of his office’

In his book The Presidential Years 2012-2017, which he completed before his death last year, Mukherjee has written that he conveyed his disapproval of protest on ‘frivolous issues’ to Kejriwal. 

07 Jan 2021

COVID-19 fallout: Restrictions on Kejriwal government spending due to pandemic continue

The fresh order issued by the finance department for rationalisation of expenditure and better revenue management doesn’t specify till when the curbs on government spending will last.

07 Jan 2021

Well-designed timetable, no heavy school bags: Kejriwal government issues policy to cut burden

The revised guidelines on Monday were issued in view of the fresh School Bag Policy 2020 released by the Union Ministry of Education last month.

06 Jan 2021

660-year-old edifice under Ashokan pillar restored at Feroz Shah Kotla

Weathering and rats burrowing underground had eroded the structural integrity of the building made of Delhi quartzite on the campus of the 13th-century citadel built by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq.

05 Jan 2021

Delhi's Republic-Day tableau to showcase ‘cultural diversity’ of Walled City

A group of cyclists will also accompany the tableau on Rajpath, added the official.

03 Jan 2021

ASI to launch online repository to ease access of information on history of ancient monuments

After methodical documentation, collection of information will be available on ASI’s websites, which can easily be seen by all users.

20 Dec 2020