Priya Rathnam

‘Don’ Ganesh of Hyderabad imparts criminal lessons, has a flair for films

Ganesh also acquired expertise in getting his contacts in jail out on bail. So far he got bail for 10 such offenders and formed a team to break into houses and loot them.

02 Jul 2022

Tech-savvy peddlers use apps to hide proof, hoodwink cops

It was only during sustained interrogation that the peddlers revealed that they were using applications that can hide the presence of the social media applications on the phone. 

30 Jun 2022

Avula watched violence unfold on hotel TV

After allegedly instigating the job aspirants into resorting to violence, he stayed back in his hotel room and watched the unfolding scenario at the Railway station

27 Jun 2022

Hawk Eye fast becoming TS women’s preferred app

The app has several categories in which a user can seek help from the police.

24 Jun 2022

Cyberabad sleuths trace gang with just one fingerprint

In the duration of these four years, the gang members left no clue behind, save for a fingerprint.

17 Jun 2022

Internal probe against cop for aiding stalker of SC girl

Meanwhile, according to the family of the girl, Aravind still roams free and continues to threaten them as he has the support of the ruling party corporator. 

16 Jun 2022

Jubilee Hills rape: Cops get custody of all six accused

According to sources, Saduddin Malik, who reportedly confessed to the atrocity on day one of his questioning, clammed up on the second day. 

11 Jun 2022

Under spotlight, pubs in Telangana gets stricter with customers

This has dampened the mood among teen students and youths who had been looking forward to letting their hair down and having a blast this summer. 

06 Jun 2022

Drug addicts come from across social spectrum: Cops

On the other hand, high-end drugs are very difficult to procure, and the peddlers make sure to sell it to known people. 

09 May 2022

‘Drugalysers’ may check substance abuse

It may be remembered that police departments in all states continue to rely on tips regarding the consumption of drugs before conducting raids.

16 Apr 2022

Agony for kin as bodies mixed up at Osmania Hospital

According to the hospital staffers, the mix-up occurred as two unidentified bodies were brought to the mortuary for postmortem examination on Wednesday. 

15 Apr 2022

Post police raids on pubs, IT firms in Hyderabad sack eight employees for consuming drugs

Hyderabad police, who took several drug addicts or users into custody during the raids, got in touch with their employers to inform about their arrests.

08 Apr 2022

Hyderabad overdose death: Peddler Lakshmipathy invented own cocktail of drugs

Lakshmipathy, who was arrested on Tuesday, has a finesse in making different cocktails of drugs using some formulae known only to him.

07 Apr 2022

From ganja to cocaine, it's all a slippery slope for law enforcement agencies in Telangana

As police are in the process of identifying the consumer base of various types of drugs in the city, it has come to fore that curious youngsters are easily falling prey to substance abuse.

06 Apr 2022

Police raid Hyderabad pub for drugs, detain celebrities

Samples are yet to be collected from them and all the 148 persons who were in the pub would be summoned as part of the investigation.

04 Apr 2022