Raul Dias

Croissant, the culinary chameleon  

Revelling in its myriad, oftentimes bizarre hybrids, the flaky French puff pastry has moved on from being a mere breakfast staple to an all-day viennoiserie indulgence

06 May 2023

Fasting, feasting: Qatari Ramadan delicacies influenced by Indian cuisine

Doha’s Souq Wakif is the veritable ground zero for some iftar feasting on Qatari Ramadan delicacies, many of which are heavily influenced by Indian cuisine

15 Apr 2023

Sampling sambol in Sri Lanka

Here, other heat-inducing sambols like the hot pepper and kochinai (green chilly) are also popular, especially during winters.

18 Mar 2023

The great Indian cheese chase 

From a smoked doppelganger of the Italian scamorza to a rare Parsi cottage cheese, here’s a window into the world of India’s rich, cheese-making repertoire

02 Feb 2023