S Raja Reddy

Former minister emerges from hibernation to unite Congress in Adilabad

During a media interaction, Ramchandra Reddy emphasised that the party leadership had instructed them to work collectively and participate in party programmes.

26 May 2023

BRS ZPTC members allege corruption in Dalit Bandhu, other welfare schemes

Anil Jadhav alleged that though three acres of land was allotted to the poor in the Dalit Basti, some are trying to develop layout and sell plots.

25 May 2023

This Telangana school is truly a centre of excellence

The State government established the school in 2014-15 for students from Class 5 to SSC.

30 Apr 2023

SC girl’s death brings malnutrition crisis to the fore

The Adilabad region is home to 17 social welfare residential schools and three degree colleges.

18 Apr 2023

Groupism comes to the fore in Adilabad Congress

The problem is that the groups within the party do not want outsiders to join them lest they should become a threat to their political survival at some point of time in future.

13 Apr 2023

No tigers left in core areas of Kawal Reserve

The report emphasised the need to pay attention and act quickly in these areas to reverse the trend of extinction of small populations and avoid negative human-tiger interactions.

10 Apr 2023

Desi Picasso taking Telangana by storm

Despite the foreign style, his work is always rooted in the history, culture and tradition of the State and country.

02 Apr 2023

‘Flame of the forest’ appears in Adilabad district every summer

Considered as sacred by many Hindus, the Modugu flower is said to resemble the beak of a parrot. It is also used to prepare a summer drink in the neighbouring Maharashtra State.

26 Mar 2023

A school with bountiful garden

In a district where malnutrition is an issue to tackle, it is ensuring that students, who are often from marginalised communities, have access to different kinds of food.

12 Mar 2023

After birdwatching festivals, Kagaznagar forest officials to start jungle safaris

The tiger population has been increasing in the region, and these majestic creatures can easily migrate from one area to another by crossing the Pranahitha river.

09 Mar 2023

Rare species seen during Asian Water Bird Survey 2023 in Kawal Reserve

Wildlife Conservation Society coordinator Venkat Anagandhula, who was leading the team that conducted the census over the last two days, said that over 340 local and migratory birds were identified.

29 Jan 2023

Keslapur Nagoba jatara begins in Telangana

Members of the Mesram clan offer prayers and perform abhishekam to the deity of Snake god with the holy Godavari waters.

22 Jan 2023

Sericulture is providing a new lease of life to tribal farmers in Telangana

Similarly, in the tribal areas of the erstwhile Adilabad district, there is a huge scope for rearing silkworms, whose cocoons are used to make the strands of the Tussar silk fabric.

15 Jan 2023

Erstwhile Adilabad politically fluid in Telangana

Going by the number of MLAs, the BRS may be a political behemoth in the district, but it cannot overlook its rivals

09 Jan 2023

Industry faces shortage as farmers stock cotton for better price later

With the shortage of cotton for the industries, the price of readymade garments has also increased.

07 Jan 2023