Shankari Sundararaman

Myanmar and a vacant seat in the UN

The question of Myanmar’s seat will be voted on in the upcoming UNGA session. While the military regime controls the state, the opposing side represents the will of the people

12 Sep 2021

Closing Cambodia’s 'killing fields' without closure

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia from April 1975 to December 1978, when the most brutal genocide of the Cambodian population took place under its leadership.

21 Aug 2021

Laos debt crisis as reliance on China increases

For nearly a year now, the economic situation in which Laos finds itself has been a matter of concern, for the country and the region at large.

17 Jul 2021

Is Blue Dot Network an alternative to China's BRI?

The idea of the Blue Dot Network took shape under the Trump administration in November 2019 and was unveiled at the 35th ASEAN Summit that was held in Bangkok.

18 Jun 2021

Indonesia’s Papuan conflict: No resolution in sight

One of the main drivers of the conflict in Papua is the region’s rich resources. The recent killing of General Karya took place near the Grasberg mines. 

13 May 2021