Shankari Sundararaman

Calibrating US-Philippines relations under Marcos Jr

The Marcos government explores the option of furthering defence-related ties with the US, initially proposed under the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement.

25 Nov 2022

More concerns than consensus in ASEAN at 55

The challenges faced by the ASEAN over the Myanmar crisis, the South China Sea dispute and other issues have soured any mood for optimism in its 55th year.

26 Aug 2022

A legacy lost too soon: Abe and the Indo-Pacific

The term, ‘Indo-Pacific’, has increasingly gained currency across the political and foreign policy spectrums around the world today.

13 Jul 2022

Quad and the Indo-Pacific economic framework

The visits to both South Korea and Japan are critical, even as tensions in East Asia are an important indicator of the unabated US-China rivalry and its impact on the immediate region.

01 Jun 2022

US-ASEAN Summit: Balancing regional with bilateral

Reports of joint Russia-Vietnam exercises scheduled for the same time as the summit are likely to embarrass both the US and ASEAN, complicating matters.

06 May 2022

The BIMSTEC Charter: Much Ado About Nothing

BIMSTEC is today nearing completion of the third decade since its formulation in 1994; in that period, it has held just five summits and come out with its first-ever charter only in 2022.

06 Apr 2022

Global geopolitical shifts and the Taiwan crisis

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the European security architecture is fully under threat as Putin has even warned about the use of nuclear weapons.

28 Feb 2022