Sunitha Natti

USD 5 trillion economy: The curious case of India’s rise to the top 5

In 2022, the IMF projects India’s $3.53 trillion economy to overtake Britain’s $3.38 trillion.

22 May 2022

Where inflation stands today: Has it hit peak?

That’s because, rising rates make government debt unsustinable and can even spark a debt crisis, besides of course causing an economic slowdown.

15 May 2022

RBI rate hike may be good for the economy, but not for most of you

The only upshot is that real rates will move towards neutral over the next few quarters and will benefit savers.

04 May 2022

RBI report on GDP loss ‘belies’ Finance Ministry estimates

That’s Rs 219 crore output loss every hour as against the finance ministry’s forecast of Rs 110 crore.

01 May 2022

Elon Musk makes the right noises but critics worry about his motive for buying Twitter

If the deal does pass muster, Twitter will go back to being a private entity, which means it'll be subjected to less regulatory oversight. This will irk transparency crusaders.

26 Apr 2022

Doubts over monetary policy efficacy as previous cuts not transmitted

Interest rate hikes are barreling towards us, but ironically, the previous rate cuts haven’t been fully transmitted yet, raising doubts over the efficacy of monetary policy transmission. 

25 Apr 2022

RBI’s balance-sheet registers 8.3 per cent growth in FY22

The RBI’s balance-sheet increased by Rs 4.7 lakh crore in FY22, registering a growth of 8.3% over FY21. 

13 Apr 2022

Pulling SDF rabbit out of hat, Shaktikanta Das says RBI not hostage to any rule book

Geopolitical tensions have fluttered the dovecotes at the RBI, who raised the FY23 inflation outlook by a steep 120 bps to 5.7% as against the previous estimate of 4.5%

08 Apr 2022

Tax growth exposes Modi government's forecasting inaccuracies on economy

In reality, tax collections, barring disinvestment proceeds, are going gangbusters.

20 Mar 2022

Rs 50,000 or Rs 75,000 crore? NSE co-location scam still a mystery six years on

If the figure is anywhere close to the numbers doing the rounds, this will perhaps be the biggest stock market scandal the country has ever seen.

13 Mar 2022

Services drives Indian economy's growth, but Russia-Ukraine crisis could turn spoiler

If the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis intensifies further, it can have the global economy in a half-nelson, yet again.

28 Feb 2022

Great as a whole, but 'budget dust' as a sum of parts

Most budgets are imperfect due to their disease to please. Likewise, recession or pandemic budgets are seldom a crackerjack.

02 Feb 2022

A budget that puts shoulder to the wheel to take the economy forward

The budget speech -- Sitharaman's shortest so far -- ticked the right boxes of job creation, infrastructure push, a proposed digital rupee, taxing cryptocurrencies, and public expenditure.

01 Feb 2022

Believe-it-or-not Economic Survey says hakuna matata to India

Most macroeconomic indicators are pulsing with adrenalin, but the economy isn't antifragile yet and any of several factors including geo-political tensions can take away the punch bowl.

01 Feb 2022

Even with economic recovery playing hopscotch, Budget might not have fireworks

But then, Nirmala Sitharaman's fourth budget can stand out just by ensuring continuity and with go-to strategies and timelines for initiatives announced.

29 Jan 2022