Sunitha Natti

Unrecognized bad loans likely worth between Rs 1.2-1.4 lakh crore

Of the Rs 8 lakh crore, eight public sector banks reported majority of the pro forma gross NPAs at Rs 6 lakh crore followed by 14 private banks constituting the rest.

17 Feb 2021

Depressed real interest rates are likely to stay till FY22

Even if the inflation print remains at the threshold 4 per cent in the next few months, unless deposit rates rise, real returns will be negative.

14 Feb 2021

Union Budget 2021: Low fuel, full throttle

At this moment, we’ve only got one chance and Sitharaman could have displayed a seat-of-the-pants ability to regain our rightful place in the sun. 

02 Feb 2021

Wisdom over poetic flourish: Sitharaman on the ball with India's 100th budget

The king's ransom in the budget has gone to capital expenditure that shot up 34.5% at Rs 5.54 lakh crore. This ensures job creation and growth revival, instead of propping up the revenue budget.

01 Feb 2021

Upbeat Economic Survey has an essential reminder for Finance Minister: Dear boss, please spend!

The Economic Survey notes, the risks from doing too little can be higher than the risks from doing too much.

30 Jan 2021

Govt deficit to hit post-reform era high in FY22

The deficit is pegged at 8.5 per cent given the need for higher spending in the budget.

27 Jan 2021

Bad bank proposal past its sell-by date; might not to yield desirable results: Experts

The bad bank proposal is back on the discussion table once again, but experts believe the concept is past its sell-by date and is unlikely to yield desirable results.  

20 Jan 2021

India likely to be the second worst-hit economy among Southeast Asian peers

That’s because many (clearly barring China) are highly dependent on either services sector, exports or tourism.

09 Jan 2021

2021 could be the year of the Great Reset

Care Ratings’ Economic Comeback Meter shows that the Indian economy has been on a comeback path, though there’s far more ground to cover.

02 Jan 2021

India's $500-billion FDI milestone: Are there devils in the detail?

96.47% FDI inflows in the last five years have gone to just six cities namely Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad.

28 Dec 2020

Government stares at a revenue shortfall of Rs 4 lakh crore in FY21

Between April and October, overall revenue collections stood lower at Rs 7.34 lakh crore, or 34 per cent of the budgeted amount as against 46.2 per cent last year.

23 Dec 2020

Core inflation remains sticky, H1 FY22 to see prices rise above RBI’s forecast

Food inflation decelerated to 8.8 per cent in November vs 10.1 per cent in October largely led by lower vegetables prices even as higher prices were seen in oil and fats segment.

16 Dec 2020

RBI Governor hands over goodies to market's delight, while keeping key rates unchanged

The Governor communicated with thoughts and estimates alone, but it was enough for traders and investors to voice their chest-thumping approval taking the Sensex to a record-high 45,000-level

04 Dec 2020

It's official: India technically in recession, post-COVID output loss upwards of Rs 20 lakh crore

Asia's third-largest economy may have sidestepped some elephant traps like the twin balance sheet and the NBFC crisis, but it has eventually succumbed to the invisible coronavirus.

27 Nov 2020

Industrial bank credit growth still struggling

This muted growth was a first during the current fiscal as bank credit even during the lockdown period and immediately thereafter stood at a relatively respectable 1-2%. 

24 Nov 2020