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With 38 per cent deficit, Kerala in grip of worst monsoon in a century

Kerala received only 1,231mm of rainfall in June-Sept this year compared to the expected 1,985 mm. To avoid a shortfall, the state needs 65 mm of rain in just four days.

27 Sep 2023

Unraveling the immune mystery

While some autoimmune diseases are relatively common, there are also rare and elusive conditions that remain challenging to diagnose.

26 Sep 2023

MBBS students pin hope on SC verdict for fair stipend

Despite stipends being an integral part of clinical training, the counsel for the petitioners informed the court that nearly 70% of medical colleges across the country do not pay stipends

24 Sep 2023

Early lifestyle disease intervention can lower risk of Alzheimer’s, say experts

Health experts say 30-40% of Alzheimer’s risk can be mitigated through lifestyle modifications involving dietary control and exercise

21 Sep 2023

Transmission and challenges: How the Virus is transmitted?

The most common way for humans to become infected with NiV is through contact with the bodily fluids of infected bats or pigs.

19 Sep 2023

Strong forces behind lack of public health system : Public health expert Dr T Jacob John

The former head of the ICMR virology research centre tells TNIE that ‘strong, unseen forces’ are preventing the establishment of a dedicated agency to track and respond to outbreaks.

18 Sep 2023

Nipah outbreak: Call for a robust public health system

Recurring outbreaks of infections have prompted health experts to emphasise the need for strengthening Kerala’s public health system. 

18 Sep 2023

As virus re-emerges, test facility at IAV Thiruvananthapuram still remains unutilised

Health experts believe that utilising the facilities could have resulted in the earlier detection of Nipah cases.

14 Sep 2023

Nipah: More challenges in fourth outbreak in Kerala

While fruit bats in the area are known carriers of the virus, the exact mechanism of transmission to humans remains largely unknown 

13 Sep 2023

Prevention, timely care can save lives

Measures to treat rabies include thorough cleaning of wounds with soapy water, and administering anti-rabies vaccines and anti-rabies serum in accordance with national guidelines.

12 Sep 2023

Farmers bear brunt of foot and mouth disease

Although vaccination efforts have been ongoing, achieving the desired level of herd immunity remains a challenge, as FMD is highly contagious.

11 Sep 2023

National Medical Commission relaxed criteria to pass MBBS

Health experts are worried about the long-term impact of such adjustments on the quality of healthcare and the medical profession in the state.

08 Sep 2023

Delay in updating national medical records abetting unqualified practitioners

The registration details of over 30,000 doctors in the state are missing from the NMR as the apex medical regulator has yet to update its records.

04 Sep 2023

Kerala witnesses driest August in over a century

However, weather experts have predicted that the activation of weather systems in both the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea offers some hope for an active spell in September.

01 Sep 2023

PG medicos paid peanuts by private colleges: NMC survey

Junior doctors in the Kerala chapter of the Indian Medical Association vouched for PG medicos from Kerala to provide maximum responses in the survey from any state

26 Aug 2023