water pollution

Uttarakhand HC-appointed panel suggests capping on tourists in Nainital, conservationists agree

According to a study, the Nainital lake has lost over 10-meters of its depth in the last 39 years due to illegal construction, sewerage and waste disposal.

published on : 14th October 2020

Muzaffarnagar municipal board fined Rs 30 lakh for polluting Kali river

The pollution control board has ordered the municipal board to submit the fine within 15 days, they said.

published on : 7th October 2020

Letting sewage water into Hyderabad's Durgam Cheruvu lake may land you in trouble

With the extradosed cable stayed bridge across the lake nearing completion, the water board will hire private security to monitor Durgam Cheruvu round-the-clock.

published on : 9th September 2020

Ghosts of fishing gear haunt the ocean

With the Indian Ocean as the second highest carrier of abandoned plastic, a Mediteranean dive brings focus on fishing gear killing marine life.

published on : 6th September 2020

Three cattle die, 40 acres of crops destroyed as factory dumps effluents into water tank in Rangareddy

The incident came to light a long time after it occurred. Industries near the lake reportedly dumped the chemical effluents through two tankers.

published on : 24th August 2020

Lady of the lakes: Meet this 19-year-old eco-warrior, app developer who aims to end water pollution

A teenage self-made Bengaluru eco-warrior and Stanford University student is making waves in the US with her determination to create a Wikipedia for Water.

published on : 23rd August 2020

Periyar’s water quality fails to improve during lockdown

It was recently reported that the Ganga witnessed a significant reduction in water pollution during the lockdown.

published on : 23rd May 2020

Hussainsagar heals too

The lockdown has no doubt unsettled many. But on the flip side, it has resulted in significant reduction of water pollution in the city.

published on : 28th April 2020

Tamil Nadu farmer restores lake in memory of his deceased mother

Keeping in mind his mother's contribution as a midwife of the village and the current water scarcity prevalent in the state, Karunakaran took up the rejuvenation of this waterbody.

published on : 12th February 2020

Not dumping toxic waste: Pharma companies in deny allegations of water pollution in Telangana

In the past, villagers have made several complaints, stating that water and air in their area is highly polluted because of illegal dumping of toxic waste by these pharma companies.

published on : 10th February 2020

Contamination of water in Red Hills reservoir with raw sewage continues unabated

One of Chennai’s major drinking water sources, Red Hills reservoir, continues to be polluted with discharge of raw sewage from neighbouring localities, say locals.

published on : 7th February 2020