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Strike off the ‘stroke’ with a healthy lifestyle 

By and large up to 50% of stroke results from blood clots and atheromatous debris emanating from the carotid artery.

published on : 2nd November 2018

Men more prone to stroke than women: Study

The findings were that 80% neurologists perceive home rehabilitation to be a feasible option for their stroke patients.

published on : 29th October 2018

Halting medication for hypertension could prove fatal: Neurologist

This can ultimately result in paralysis or even death. 

published on : 29th October 2018

Stroke survivors back on their feet for a goal

The Zesto Grounds, Kadavanthra, on Friday saw stroke survivors coming together to take part in the football match organised by the Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi, as part of the World  Stroke Day. 

published on : 26th October 2018

Walk more to avoid severe strokes

In a new study, to determine physical activity, participants were asked after the stroke how much they moved or exercised during leisure time before the stroke.

published on : 20th September 2018

Strokes: No skipping breakfast, no food after 9 PM

Stroke occurs when there is sudden loss/reduced blood supply to brain, that results in brain cells dying immediately.

published on : 5th September 2018

Asian Games: Indian swimmers fail to qualify for finals

Sejwal finished first in his heat with a timing of 62.07 but could not make the final of the men's 100m breaststroke despite his impressive outing at the GBK Aquatic Center.

published on : 22nd August 2018

Stroke prevention, a no-brainer

Let us not subjugate ourselves to unhealthy lifestyle and excruciating stress. Here are a few lifestyle modifications to prevent early stroke in youth.

published on : 16th August 2018

More motivated than ever for Asian Games: Indian swimmer Sandeep Sejwal

Sejwal claimed a bronze in the 50m breaststroke event of the 2014 Asian Games, making him just the ninth Indian ever to achieve the feat.

published on : 6th August 2018

Europe Heatwave: Two dead in Spain as temperature soars to 45 degree Celsius

The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe was 48 degrees in Athens in 1977, closely followed by 47.3 in Amareleja, Portugal in 2003 and in Montoro, Spain last year.

published on : 3rd August 2018

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alleges Narendra Modi government killing independent media

Within two days, ABP's editorial head Milind Khandekar and anchor Punya Prasun Bajpai have resigned from the channel and the ABP's flagship show, 'Masterstroke' is taken off.

published on : 3rd August 2018

102 not out: Centenarian survives stroke

His family did not know what happened, they rushed him to the hospital's emergency room in the next 15 minutes.

published on : 2nd August 2018

Westerners more healthy than Indians?

published on : 30th July 2018

Kathleen Baker breaks 100 metres backstroke world record

Baker, who tied for first with Regan Smith in the 200m backstroke this week, clocked a blistering 27.90sec over the first 50m and held on for the victory.

published on : 29th July 2018

Deaths due to stroke, diabetes higher in India than those in the West: Report 

The data also revealed that the rate of cervical cancer deaths is six times higher among Indians than their western counterparts.

published on : 27th July 2018
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