Anand Neelakantan

Localised solutions the only way to tackle pollution 

If one travels through the cities in the Gangetic plains during winters, it is a scene straight out of an apocalypse film. The wheat and paddy fields lay covered in a dim haze.

19 Nov 2022

In theatre of the absurd, life and corruption go as usual

When was the last time any prominent ruling party politician of any state or Central ministry resigned on moral grounds, let alone was tried and convicted for corruption?

05 Nov 2022

Human sacrifice in the name of ritual is a spell that must be broken

This is not the first time that ritual human sacrifices have taken place in our country, nor is this going to be the last.

21 Oct 2022

The long road to building roads for humans, not cars in India

We are at the bottom of the list, even among total vehicles per 1,000. Yet, when it comes to accidents, we claim the first rank with 11 percent of global deaths in road accidents. 

08 Oct 2022

We can’t stray from street dog menace by ignoring lost lives

The four states with the highest incidents of street dog bites are Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Gujarat. Kerala doesn’t even figure in the top 10 in the number of dog bites...

24 Sep 2022

Double whammy: India's ageing crisis and demographic disaster

For many years, we have been waxing eloquent about India’s future demographic dividend that will soon lift us to the ranks of developed nations. 

10 Sep 2022

The unbearable hypocrisy of self-proclaimed Vishwaguru

We are a society of hypocrites. Let us not be hypocritical about it.

27 Aug 2022

Independent island republics and the idea of India

The honourable Prime Minister of India has asked every Indian to put the Tricolour on their social media profiles and host the National Flag at every home.

13 Aug 2022

Students, success and suicide: When all’s not well

The series of student deaths seem to be pointing at a more disturbing trend India is witnessing in recent years. It is slowly turning to be the suicide hotspot of the world.

29 Jul 2022

Helplessness, thy name is the spirit of India

Yet, the great city has many redeeming qualities spoken about romantically in countless articles, documentaries and books.

16 Jul 2022

Dear elected representative, ask your voters if you want to change the party 

Our politicians are determined to give all the horse-traders a complex. Resorts in the western and eastern states are doing brisk business, but other than them, no one else is amused.

02 Jul 2022

Bulldozers are out again, but karma spares none

A television debate last month has left India red in the face in the international arena.

18 Jun 2022

A matter of gender parity, UCC shouldn’t be sacrificed at any cost

Article 44 of our Constitution emphasises the need to enact Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India. However, this has been perhaps the most contentious of all issues in the country.

04 Jun 2022

Time to wake up and enhance the soft power of India

India was the guest of honour for the book fair that returned after a hiatus of two years and I was one of the delegates chosen by the National Book Trust of India to attend the same.

21 May 2022

Courts need to immediately end the bulldozer mania gripping India

India has entered into a new era of politics—the bulldozer era. Recently, there were riots during Ram Navami processions in various Indian cities.

07 May 2022